Germany’s next music director is Canadian

Germany’s next music director is Canadian


norman lebrecht

May 18, 2023

Dortumund’s new General Music Director, in charge of both the opera house and philharmonic orchestra, is to be Jordan de Souza.

A Canadian of Asian origin, de Souza, 34, put in four years as staff conductor at Berlin’s Komische Oper, guesting widely across the German-Austrian sector. He has also conducted at Gyndebourne, Seattle and Dutch National Opera.


  • Andreas B. says:


    afaik, de Souza will start in Dortmund in 2025.

    there’s another incoming music director, already next season:
    the Norwegian Stefan Veselka at Theater Regensburg.

  • Alexis Hauser says:

    Dortmund will love you and we all are proud and happy for you!
    Wishing you great success, always!
    Alexis Hauser

  • Anusha De Silva says:

    Congratulations and God bless! We are so happy for you. You’ve gifted your parents with the efforts they’ve so livingly invested in you and to the world, your best. Thank you ! This is amazing.

  • Boris says:

    Outstanding! He’s a real pleasure to work with. Dortmund is very fortunate!

  • Hussein Janmohamed says:

    Fantastic. Making your family and Canada proud

  • Michelle Furtado Cherian says:

    Congratulations Jordan! Wish you all the very best! Your cousins from Bangalore are so proud of your achievements!

  • Alex Lemos says:

    So wonderful Jordan, I wish dad was here to see you . I am so happy, mum sent me this article
    Lemos family Oakville