BBC Radio 2 rebrands ‘wonderful’ BBC Concert Orchestra

BBC Radio 2 rebrands ‘wonderful’ BBC Concert Orchestra


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2023

The pop-lite station launched a rebrand today ‘with the prestigious BBC Concert Orchestra’ which others in the BBC are trying to demolish.

Robert Gallacher, Commissioning Editor, BBC Pop, says: “We’re delighted to launch Radio 2’s newly-updated station sound to our listeners. Featuring new singers and the wonderful BBC Concert Orchestra, it encapsulates the network’s rich musical heritage and encompasses a range of mood themes for our shows, from upbeat to chilled.”

Does the left hand know what the right is doing?

Press release here.


  • Mr Exasperated says:

    It could be that the left hand exactly knows what the right hand is doing. Perhaps the operators of the right hand need to stop doing what they are doing, if they are going to avoid going blind (as the old wives tale has it).

  • ex BBCCO says:

    You couldn’t write a book about it could you? Readers just wouldn’t believe it?
    One just feels so sorry that the yes, wonderful hugely professional Orchestra who once enjoyed an International reputation until the BBC Suits at Radio 2 ruined the music output during covid by axing the BBCCO flagship showcase, ‘Friday Night is Music Night’ which had an enthusiastic and loyal worldwide following and provided employment for 100’s of guest performers in this unique and brilliant Friday Night ‘live’ broadcast every Friday since 1952.
    of course, the suits at Radio 2 have done untold damage to the nation in axing this programme because they felt (wrongly) that it was too ‘old fashioned’ for their ‘older’ listeners in their misguided idea that R2 was only for a younger listening audience. They were stupid to think that younger folk spend their Friday Night’s listening to the radio, and have been bullish in refusing to acknowledge that there are millions of older listeners who did, and used to..
    Now, the hapless & hopeless BBC music dept don’t really know what to do with this fine orchestra who get batted from pillar to post every month in the desperate attempt to find them work in the misguided corporation who have to justify their salaries.
    Such vandalism was a final nail in the coffin of the extraordinary brilliant legacy of British Light Music this country via the BBCCO were respected and legendary in providing.
    Once again, the BBC should be shamed for their stupidity for such a travesty in the British music scene, and more so because by not programming any light not POP!!) music at all on their airwaves these days, they are not serving any future generations by depriving them of the pleasures of easy listening light music performed by The BBCCO of the highest possible standards.

  • Warren stutely says:

    How can you take anyone seriously who says “mood themes “. Pseudes corner here we go !!!!!!

  • George Lobley says:

    The BBC is a mess under the current DG Tim Davie. Look at what a mess it has made of the BBC News Channel. Best watch Sky News now. Radio 2 undermined. I’m just waiting for Radio 3 to be destroyed. Like the programmers have ruined Classic FM