BBC calling: Berlin gives $800,000 to its choirs

BBC calling: Berlin gives $800,000 to its choirs


norman lebrecht

May 23, 2023

The Berlin Senate has voted to give 14 concert chorus groups a subsidy of 590,000 euros. In addition, the Singakademie and the Philharmonic Choir will each receive 104,000 and 160,000 euros.

While Berlin sings, the BBC is still trying to get rid of its only choir.


  • Geoff Allan says:

    Das Land ohne Musik. Again ?

  • Probbc antitory says:

    Norman again makes false comparisons. The Berlin government used to give more funding to the arts in the city than the arts council gave to the whole of the UK. Probably still does. The plight of the bbc and its orchestras has been deliberately orchestrated by the tory government. Tories, when it suits them, claim to support bbc excellence but in their aggressive actions and aggressive speeches, do everything to undermine and defund the organisation. They also attack all non-supportive reporting viciously. Many tories are open about wishing to close it down completely. No comparison can be made between Berlin being able to fund singers generously and the underfunded bbc being forced to make serious cutbacks because of destructive govt action.

    • Barry says:

      BBC funding is falling because dissatisfied people are refusing to pay the TV tax. This is not a wicked Tory conspiracy, it’s poor performance by the BBC and realisation that the present funding system is out of date.

      Then, of course, there’s the likes of Lineker to take into account.

      If you’re still desperate to make a party political point, go ahead.

    • Depressed Beeb lover says:

      That’s it in a nutshell. The Beeb has had a 30% real terms cut in its funding since 2010, entirely down to the wretched Tory party, acting at the behest of the right wing press and it’s commercial competitors. Not that the anti public sector Philistines needed any encouragement.

    • Adrienne says:

      Only yesterday a UK family member told me about a BBC report on the impact of immigration on Telford (I think it was).

      They interviewed an articulate black engineer from Nigeria. Fair enough. This was immediately followed by two hugely inarticulate white “locals”, one with face tattoos.

      This should have been satirical, but apparently it wasn’t. If the BBC thinks that this sort of sledgehammer approach is going to ensure its continued respect and survival, it is severely mistaken.

  • Maestro says:

    I think you mean the BBC’s only professional choir.

  • salma khan says:

    It is good to see that Berlin appreciates the choirs by giving them such a big amount. I always get new updates from the site, thank you, everyone, for your efforts in keeping us up to date.