Bakhmut latest: A flautist is killed

Bakhmut latest: A flautist is killed


norman lebrecht

May 19, 2023

Message from Julia Gorodetskaya:

Slava was a gifted musician and a father of two special boys. From the onset of the war, he and his wife Tania dedicated themselves to volunteering for the army and civilians in need. He enlisted 2 month into the war to defend his family and homeland, becoming one of the commanders in Azov.
The Russian orcs took his life and robbed his family of husband, son and two little boys of a father and many of a friend and а teacher.

More tributes here.


  • the evolution of polarities says:

    So many gifted people in Ukraine will die. This war could have been avoided but people do not know this because the history form when the wall came down in 1988 to the invasion of Georgia in 2008 is ignored. That 20 years could have made a huge difference in what happened, but we don’t want to own up to that, so the Western media says little about that period. Here is a report from Turkish Radio and Television that gives a fuller picture of that period and how the Ukraine War could have been avoided:

    This isn’t in any way to justify Putin’s actions, but to better understand the lost opportunities that could have prevented this war.