Anna Netrebko’s solidarity with political prisoners

Anna Netrebko’s solidarity with political prisoners


norman lebrecht

May 08, 2023

The ‘moral’ excuse for engaging Anna Netrebko at Wiesbaden’s May Festival was to ‘show solidarity with political prisoners in Russia and Belarus and the people of Ukraine.’

Here’s how solemnly she shows it on her Instagram feed.

Others in the frame include Uwe Erik Laufenberg, Artistic Director of the Wiesbaden State Theatre and conductor Michael Güttler, Gergiev’s former assistant.


  • A.L. says:

    Tremendous and grandly sincere show of empathy for victims of her dear leader’s continuing criminal incursions. Of note is that one last photo. Mockery is the one lesson she had learned well.

    • Ragnar Danneskjoeld says:

      A review which doesn’t even mention any other performer’s name. So much for respect.

      As for Netrebko, I beg to disagree. It surely wasn’t a sophisticated portrayal but I dare him name me any current singer who will perform this role better.

  • JS says:

    Barf. Barf. Barf.

  • John Kelly says:

    In the same way that some people lack a sense of humour it’s very apparent that in this particular case there are people missing a “bullsh*t detector.”

  • Jean says:

    I bet she was raising toasts to Navalnyi…

  • Save the MET says:

    Musicians should never involve themselves in politics if they care about their careers and they need to be well advised by their management to stay away from politics in public and for that matter, in private where a friend might quote them in public. Her declining career due to her embrace of Putin is her managements fault, or she pulled the prima donna and didn’t listen. She will never be as popular as she was again.