Yuja Wang stars in Rachmaninov comedy

Yuja Wang stars in Rachmaninov comedy


norman lebrecht

March 27, 2023

The pianist features with her pals Igudesman & Joo in a send-up film of the great composer.

Also featuring Billy Joel and John Malkovich.

Heading for the Lucerne Easter festival.


  • Elizabeth says:

    She always appears in such provocatively sparing outfits…hmmm….is she a pianist or a burlesque or both?

    • N/A says:

      Such a shame that her shoulders offend you so much, Elizabeth. Go touch some grass xx

      • Scott says:

        I don’t think Yuja’s “shoulders” are what Elizabeth is upset about! I think it’s her ‘lower’ half So let’s hope sweet Liz gets the stick out of her a** soon for a more enjoyable
        future concert experience!

    • Sophie says:

      Jesus Christ not this again. Please take your spiteful, sexist views and return to 1950 where they below. Alternatively, you could try enjoying her work without worrying about what she’s wearing…

    • Harry Collier says:

      She and her agent just like publicity and getting her name out there. It just happens that, yes, she is also an impressive pianist. Just like Lang Lang (with the yen for publicity).

      • Scott says:

        Yes, Harry… if “impressive” means that Yuja Wang’s concert piano performances, to quote from the great film, W.A.Mozart, are “the very voice of God”! Yuja!

    • Paul Sekhri says:

      For clarity, she is a remarkable pianist and unparalleled musician.

    • John Dalkas says:

      She’s Yuja Wang, enjoying life as she likes.

    • Morgan says:

      A rather provincial either/or fallacy.

    • Margaret Koscielny says:

      She’s a good-looking woman AND a very good pianist. That’s who she is.

    • Scott says:

      Is this my dear friend, maestro Elizabeth E M? B/c as you & I both being pianists, you have made this same comment to me before, verbally But as I said to you then, no matter what Yuja ‘wears’, her gifts are “straight from God”, & her concerts are PURE MAGIC! She totally WOWS me! Every time I watch her on You Tube, tears run down my cheeks!

    • QQQ says:

      She doesnt play by the rules your mommy and daddy told you to play by and yet found tremendous success. So yes I can see why you might be fuming mad.

      • Bone says:

        Are you at all concerned that classical music is using the “sex appeal” approach to selling its product? I’m glad Yuja is recognized for her talent, but I’m worried her brilliance may have been missed if she wasn’t comfortable dressing in a provocative manner. I see more and more attractive female artists (and even some not-so-attractive) using this same method; should the next wannabe great male artist wear a thong and display six pack abs?

    • Sandy Hohnen says:

      Yuja is a world class talent on the piano. That’s all that matters really. Having said that I do revel in her stunning skirts and gowns.

    • Priscila Kalevar says:

      I agree with you. I admire her talent but her provocative way of dressing does not sit well with me,

    • soavemusica says:

      Any show by her is an unintentional comedy.

      Skillful musician, but has anyone ever been moved by her music?

  • Julius says:

    Das ist einfach schlecht und peinlich

  • Herbie G says:

    Coming soon on a DG DVD.

  • Francis Ryall says:

    Living her best life!

  • Mystic Chord says:

    I do wonder if some of these people like Elizabeth who seemingly faint at the sight of exposed flesh are just common trolls. It’s difficult to believe their comments are serious in 2023.

    • Scott says:

      Oh no, Mystic! I’ve heard a few women makes such comments about Yuja. I think they’re just JEALOUS!!! Actually, she has MANY magnificent full-length gowns I’ve seen her wear… more than the ‘shorties’, really!

  • Smelly McCooter says:

    She can play piano for sure. But her over the top diva attitude is beyond annoying and she dresses like a whore. There’s a difference between dressing sexy/classy and complete skank. She’s the latter sadly. Have a little respect for the art.

    • Scott says:

      Yuja could wear a burlap sack, or nothing at all… I just want to watch how she moves her body across that keyboard… her arm movements… those astounding hands & fingers! Yuja Wang is EXCITING!!! EXCITING to watch!!! Angelic to listen to! She is filling concert halls with YOUNG PEOPLE! That alone in invaluable! And she’s bringing back audiences of ALL AGES! Because SHE IS EXCITING!!!
      Yuja can be a Diva if that makes her happy. She’s earned it!

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      She belongs to Generation Narc so what else could you expect??!! It’s all performative; the look, the livery and, of course, the pianism. I only wish we had the latter by itself as it speaks FOR itself. Meantime, it remains a bore.

      • QQQ says:

        Why the heck are you obsessed with her look? Close your eyes shut then. Maybe take a look in the mirror and save your style tips for yourself.

        • Daniel says:

          If the audience were to close their eyes, the presence would probably be greatly reduced because her often outrageous (and disrespectful to the composer and to music in itself) outfits are the great attraction. Her “musicianship” doesn’t even remotely approach that of, for example, Benedetti Michelangeli and many, many other truly great pianists. She is very well marketed, of course. Good for her!

          • Scott says:

            Oh, yes, Michelangeli is positivity remarkable! But again, what I LOVE about Yuja is the EXCITEMENT around her! She’s EXCITING to watch! And I love her posture at the keyboard! So nice, upright, & STILL! No swaying or nose to the keys.
            Do you know who else is exciting, in a male! Jon Kimora Parker?! Wonderful!
            Check him out on YouTube.

    • PG Vienna says:

      The way she dresses is none of your business.

    • Paul Sekhri says:

      Have a little respect for human beings. Period.

  • Steven, the violinist says:

    She is pleasing to ears and eyes; no taste, no touch, no smell.

  • Michael Schefold says:

    Friedrich Gulda played in swimming pants and completely naked, too….
    “Don’t take yourself too serious” (Yuja Wang).
    One of the best pianists alive and of all times (quote Teddy Abrams) doesn’t need to look like attending a funeral…like so many other classical artists.

    • Greg says:

      I imagine her publicists and agents are perfectly fine with her presentation…not to mention the venues and orchestras she appears with.

  • MMcGrath says:

    This photo would make me take up piano! She is just lovely.

    And why not strut it if you’ve got it? The starchy “classical” world could arguably do with some refreshing new ways of doing things. And in the age of social media, AI, Bitcoin, K-Pop, and self-driving cars, adaptation of whose ways seems essential to remain “relevant.” After all, haven’t the arts been investing millions over the year to attract new audiences – including the “young?”