Tim Davie, here is one last chance to hear the BBC Singers

Tim Davie, here is one last chance to hear the BBC Singers


norman lebrecht

March 15, 2023

We revealed earlier in the week that the BBC D-G had never once heard the BBC Singers before ordering their abolition.

He has a chance to hear them at lunchtime on Friday.

Will he show up? Or anyone else from the BBC Exec?

Or are they all too scared of hostile demonstrations?

The concert is Music for Choir and Cello at 14:00 Fri 17 Mar 2023 St Giles’ Cripplegate, London.

Details here.


  • Christopher Storey says:

    He could have heard them being recorded on Monday ( I think ) when the Brahms German Requiem ( with 2 pianos which I had never heard before ) was recorded – broadcast on R3 last night, and a classic example of the BBC Singers’ excellence

  • Ὀρφεύς says:

    In the dark times
    will there also be singing?
    Yes, there will also be singing.
    About the dark times.

    ~ Bertolt Brecht

  • Gustavo says:

    My concern is that if seats are empty at 2pm, BBC controllers will feel vindicated in their decision.

  • Mrs Theresa Atkins says:

    I am heartbroken that the BBC Singers are being disbanded. Shame on those who made this decision to cut their finances.

  • Mrs Theresa Atkins says:

    Had you taken the time to hear the German Requiem, which incidentally I have sung with East Cornwall Bach Choir, you would see how tragic this decision to disband the BBC Singers which have been singing for decades will upset fans like myself.
    Please re-think this matter and save this wonderful Choir.

  • Christopher Clift says:

    Is it not time that the people chosen (imposed, forced upon us the licence payers) to run the BBC are people who CARE about the products that organisation offers, rather than about where or from whom their next gong will come or other ‘present’ from the government.

  • Mrs R Beresford says:

    Perhaps if the BBC didn’t pay such huge salaries to certain individuals, who appear to feel untouchable no matter what they do or say, there would be more money out if the billions to invest in these cultural gems that for many represent the best of what the BBC has to offer. Podcasts and using tech to perhaps give people the option of listening where ever they are, makes this more wide reaching. Sets it as a piece of musical culture for all time effectively and freely available to us all. To cut back on the BBC orchestral and choral work just emphasises the need to ask why do we have to pay a compulsory fee towards an institution that provides so little to so many?

    • Eowyn says:

      Billions? the bbc itself only costs 2 billion – when more than that was lost to dodgy PPE. The reason why there isn’t enough money is because the BBC took a 30 percent funding cut over austerity and now the license fee has been frozen for thr next few years. The people making the decisions to cut the classical music are the people at the top, who also allow pressure to be put on their journalists from the government. So write to your MP!

  • trumpetherald says:

    If this Davieboy really bothers to attend the concert,let´s hope the audience gives him a reception he´ll never forget!