Ruth Leon recommends… Days to Come – Mint Theater

Ruth Leon recommends… Days to Come – Mint Theater

Ruth Leon recommends

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March 17, 2023

Days to Come – Mint Theater

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Mint Theater Company which specialises in reviving plays which have been virtually forgotten, is following up Philip Goes Forth, the excellent play I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago, by adding Lillian Hellman’s   Days To Come to their streaming line-up.
Lillian Hellman’s second play, Days to Come, which was first produced in 1936 and, so far as I know, never since, is a family drama set against the backdrop of labour strife in a small Ohio town which threatens to tear apart both town and family.

Andrew Rodman is running the family business and failing at it. The workers are out on strike and things are getting desperate. “Papa would have known what to do,” his sister Cora nags, “and without wasting time and money.” But it’s too late, Rodman is bringing in strike breakers, naively failing to anticipate the disastrous impact that this will have on his family and their place in the community where they have lived for generations.

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