Paris Opéra goes dark for strikes

Paris Opéra goes dark for strikes


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2023

All performances are shut down tonight when mass demonstrations are expected over Macron’s pension cuts.

The rally starts at 2pm from the Place de la Bastille, proceeding towards the Opéra Garnier.



  • Norabide Guziak says:

    They always start at 2pm. Can’t fight the revolution on an empty stomach, can we? Generally over by five pm too, just in time for the apéro…Truly earth-shattering actions.

  • Marc says:

    While the French, YET AGAIN, strike, destroy and burn their cities, showing their irrational thinking and very violent personalities, the rest of the “modern” world moves forward with new technologies, new ideas and new concepts, including how to change societies, leaving the French even further behind than they already were. They are a waste of time. Same story, same cast of characters, same actions, same slogans, same trash bins being burned, same windows being broken…until they find the next thing to protest about. It is the French national disease and as one commentator wrote elsewhere, a nation of extremely unhappy and miserable people, unable to reform themselves or their country. They turn in circles, repeating the same thing year after year after year….since 1789!

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      “How to change societies”? Absolute shudder. Give me the pension fight any day!!!

    • Ernest says:

      They are too full of themselves.

    • Tamino says:

      Very hyperbole comment.
      “Their very violent personalities”
      Have you visited France ever?

    • soavemusica says:

      Yes, well…If one is for democracy, then:

      Perhaps Macron “the Jupiter” should allow the Parliament to actually vote, instead of enforcing a law without it.

      What is he expecting? Has he forgotten the yellow vests?

    • Robespierre says:

      This is bourgeois xenophobia, dear Marc. French people just fight for for own rights, to have a better balance in the economics shares (rich people are richer and richer, as you have noticed ; middle-class is coming down ; poor people are left on their own). And Frenh people don’t want to die at work simply to please their president who wants France to play in a contest with China, India, etc. Want some more slaves, dear Marc?