Munich: State Opera to move into the Post Office

Munich: State Opera to move into the Post Office


norman lebrecht

March 16, 2023

Plans have been announced for the Bavarian State Opera to move into Munich’s parcels sorting office from 2032 while its crumbling building undergoes six years of renovation.

The disused parcel post hall is on the Friedenheimer Bridge.

Here’s what the temporary opera might look like, in a Herzog & de Meuron design.


  • A.L. says:

    That’s assuming there will be any interest in opera by the year 2032. Or even a livable world.

    • Gustavo says:

      Munich may be part of the Russian Empire by then…

      At least we would then get Prokofiev’s “War and Peace” with the complete Stalinist finale.

  • MacroV says:

    Looks cool but where’s the actual theatre? Is there a solution for the BRSO there, too?

  • enraged says:

    in the UK we do not need russian invasions to get rid of opera, we leave it to organisations such as the “Arts” Council.. I wonder if they know what arts mean? and does it include opera?
    As Gerald Durrell famously said, arts for acting, farts for farting

  • enraged says:

    actually, it is arts for arting…. sorry….
    (self bloody correct)

  • Paul in Chicago says:

    Lots of info on public planning to redevelop the old Parcel building into residential towers with covered green spaces. But cannot find anything online anywhere about Bavarian State Opera relocation and/or repair. Most recent renovation there was in 2011.