Mozarteum appoints Spanish maestro

Mozarteum appoints Spanish maestro


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2023

Scherzo reports that the the Salzburg Mozarteumorchester will have a new chief conductor from September 2024.

He is Roberto González-Monjas, 35, presently chief at  Galicia Symphony Orchestra and at the Musikkollegium Winterthur.


  • Swisstrumpet22 says:

    Great violinist and musician, very atractive young man, mediocre conductor. He has the conducting hands of a second year conducting student.

    • Swissviolin22 says:

      Once you achieve what he achieved, you are allowed to criticise. Until then your opinion doesn’t really matter…

  • AustrianOboe:) says:

    It cannot be denied that as a conductor he gives an absolutely amateur image. And to realize this, you don’t have to do a music degree! Roberto is a very good musician who knows how to win over people but he is not a conductor. But nowadays who cares about that…?

    • GGV says:

      Indeed. Conducting has become a profession of ego (self serving one’s ego) and not a profession of service (to the music and the musicians of the orchestra). Many good musicians believe that being a fine musicians and and owning a baton is all that is needed, and too many musicians get into conducting for the wrong reasons. Agencies don’t care, as long as they can make lots of money. It is very sad.