Martha Argerich breaks a rule with the Israel Phil

Martha Argerich breaks a rule with the Israel Phil


norman lebrecht

March 24, 2023

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

… The best, in this case, is Martha Argerich making her first recording with a reinvigorated Israel Philharmonic and its empathetic music director Lahav Shani. Argerich has often performed down the years in Israel, acknowledging a shared Jewish heritage. But the orchestral quality was variable, and she never wanted her Tel Aviv performances to be heard abroad — until now….

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Pictured: Argerich playing 4-hand with Lahav Shani


  • Eyal Braun says:

    Martha plays a lot in Israel nowadays – she was here last week to play a concert honouring Ivry Gitlis and Pnina Salzman – she played Beethoven first concerto and the Carnival of the animal (with Iddo Bar Shari and her daughter Annie as narrator) she was in absolutely top form , as earlier this season when she played Prokofiev third concerto with the IPO and Shani- perhaps better than ever.

  • Tony Sanderson says:

    It is wonderful that Martha is still building new musical partnerships and encouraging younger artists.

  • James O. Pfaff says:

    I own a Charles O. Perry Mace and would like to sell it. Suggestions, please.