Breaking: Parliament seeks debate on BBC’s ‘appalling cultural vandalism’

Breaking: Parliament seeks debate on BBC’s ‘appalling cultural vandalism’


norman lebrecht

March 16, 2023

Labour MP Barbara Keeley, Shadow Minister for the Arts and Civil Society, has called for a Parliamentary debate on the BBC’s classical music cuts, which she calls ‘cultural vandalism’.

The expectation on both sides of the House was that such a debate would be very well attended.

And here’s a contribution from a Conservative MP:


  • Johnny Morris says:

    Unfortunately this government won’t overtly express an opinion on BBC matters following Lineker-gate..
    Having dealt with the executive charlatans responsible for this vandalism, I can tell you that we are dealing here with a cult like madness that will do anything to protect their six figure salaries and power base, circling their miserable wagons around Sharp and Davie.
    Their vision for the BBC is a giant Netflix Mark 2, with token cultural appendages tagged on, the mere cultural stumps that in 2027 will remind us forever more of what once was. They build their careers on the ruined lives and ravaged landscape that once was Britain’s envy of the world.
    These people must be removed.

    • Mel Cadman says:

      Well said. If only we could call on someone of Lineker’s huge popularity and standing, to take up the cudgels on music’s behalf … Sir David Attenborough, perhaps …?

    • soavemusica says:

      Again, as with so many issues, I cannot help smiling to not that this is a “conservative” government. Really?

      What could be more conservative – indeed, white, male, toxic evil – to sponsor than classical music? No such non-wokeness at the BBC.

  • PS says:

    Cultural vandalism like having to go to Canada to see a decent Shakespeare production?

  • Doc Martin says:

    An ENT colleague of mine in Belfast is seeing his local MP about this mad farce, unfortunately he is DUP, even worse than the present incumbents in Westminster. The DUP only know one tune, the Sash my father wore.

  • Doc Martin says:

    In 2024 there hopefully will be a brand new bus driver in GB. I hope Starmer et al will have heard of Buxtehude by then folks.
    Has Labour a 5 year plan for culture at all?

    • Bratsche-scratcher says:

      Keir Starmer studied flute at the Guildhall School of music and drama… I’m sure he’s heard of Buxtehude..

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    You couldn’t get much more cultural vandalism than “Woke”.

  • Giles says:

    What is a parliamentary debate supposed to achieve? What is the motion to be voted upon? If this is just a general moan-fest about the BBC’s decision-making, then what does Parliament intend to do – vote for an increase in the license fee? We all know that won’t happen. If Anna Firth really thinks classical music is “essential for mental health”, what is she proposing to do about it – free classical music classes in all schools? Afternoon band-stand concerts in all towns and cities? A country-wide sistema system? Of course not.

    This is pointless posturing, yet another example of the utter uselessness of the UK’s politicians (of all colours). The BBC rakes in over £5 billion per year. The BBC decides its own priorities and how to spend that money. I suggest that the BBC is not going to take notice of a debate of posturers in the HofC.

  • Doc Martin says:

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    A special prayer for my son Thomas working in Ukraine as an MSF trauma surgeon and my daughter Rosalind, working as a nurse in Turkey.

  • Des says:

    Brexit = Appalling Cultural Vandalism

  • Doc Martin says:

    BBC say licence fee going up £13! If they sacked some suits they would not need to.