BBC calls internal reassurance meeting

BBC calls internal reassurance meeting


norman lebrecht

March 16, 2023

Don’t miss it.

Lunchtime today.


  • Lightoller says:

    All Hands on Deck might be more appropriate, rather than Content All Hands as nobody is Content as they approach their Titanic moment. Will the last musicians at the BBC end with Nearer My God To Thee (like the Titanic players)?

    • soavemusica says:

      “Will the last musicians at the BBC end with Nearer My God To Thee (like the Titanic players)?”

      Such a hymn is surely verboten, unless the Church of England issues a female term for the woke idol.

  • Back desk 2nd violinist says:

    Hopefully someone will press the record button… I’m sure many of us would love to be a fly on the wall.

  • SingingReindeer says:

    All in 45mins. Very in-depth.

  • Doc Martin says:

    What does this useless management speak really mean?

    If I diagnosed my patients this way, the undertakers would be fully booked.

  • Doc Martin says:

    It remind me of Hunt’s plan for the NHS! Lord save us all.

  • Dominic Stafford says:

    Annual salary: £425,000-£429,999

  • William Evans says:

    Any reports yet from participants? I’m sure licence payers would love to know what was ‘discussed’ (sorry, ‘glossed over’).

  • Glynne Williams says:

    There can be no reassurance from the BBC apparatchiks over the decimation of their orchestras and the shutting down of the BBC Singers, other than to confirm that the mad proposals have been abandoned. No weasel words will suffice!

  • Doc Martin says:

    Madam, would you please kindly desist from this ridiculous charade and tell us in plain English whether or not the BBC understands the importance of classical music and having appropriately trained support staff who at least know their Bach from their Buxtehude.

  • Doc Martin says:

    Every time I hear of some mad plan by BBC management it reminds me of the scene in a Father Ted episode, where Father Hackett beats a hasty retreat exclaiming, “Nuns, reverse, reverse, reverse”!