US conductor quits Germany for ‘career plan’ reasons

US conductor quits Germany for ‘career plan’ reasons


norman lebrecht

February 02, 2023

The chief conductor of the Württemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn (WKO), Case Scaglione, has told his orchestra he’s leaving next August.

The reason? It is no longer in step with his longterm career planning.

There were no artistic reasons for his decision, he added.


  • IC225 says:

    Damn, another casualty of Brexit!

    (Am I doing this right?)

  • M says:

    Well to be perfectly honest, when was the ‘Württemberg Chamber Orchestra Heilbronn’ ever really in anyone’s long term career planning. There’s a space for Tar now!

  • Kyle says:

    The article doesn’t say if he is leaving at the end of his contract, but if that’s the case, this seems totally reasonable. People just usually make up reasons why they have to “regretfully” leave a position. Simply saying “This is no longer part of my plan” is refreshingly honest.

  • Thomas M. says:

    The Württembergers are one of Germany’s most prominent “small” orchestras (formerly conducted by Joerg Faerber for a bazillion years), whereas I’ve never even heard about this conductor. Adios!

  • QB says:

    I purchased a USB-C cable to connect to the front panel of my computer but it doesnt fit. Yeah this article is as interesting as my comment.