Next woman up at New York Philharmonic

Next woman up at New York Philharmonic


norman lebrecht

January 18, 2023

The Finnish-Ukrainian conductor Dalia Stasevska is returning to the New York Philharmonic audition round this weekend with a performance of Sibelius’s second symphony.

She will also conduct Lisa Batiashvili in the Tchaikovsky violin concerto and give the world premiere of Wang Lu’s new score, “Surge.”

UPDATE: Whaddaya know? She just got the full-puff treatment in the Times.


  • Bone says:

    A female conductor with Ukrainian ties? I’d bet the NY folks would fall all over themselves to praise her even if she fell off the podium.

  • MacroV says:

    Well, she’s more likely than the previous female conductor you were flogging, but sometimes maybe a guest conducting engagement is just that.

  • Max says:

    She would be a logical successor to Jaap van Zweden.

  • Carlos Ferreira says:

    She’s amazing!!!! One of the few World-class conductors nowadays! We loved her in Orchestre National de France. They would be very lucky to have her!

    • Archie says:

      She was in Chicago about a month ago and it was appalling to everyone on and off stage, most of all to Hillary Hahn. Her interpretation of Bartok concerto for orchestra was mind boggling to put it nicely and the orchestra, despite sounding very fine, was visibly upset with her. Stark contrast with the previous week under Sondergard, Beethoven concerto no 2 and Sibelius 2, it was so delightful I ended up going 3 times

      • Karden says:

        Identity politics are fine just as long as honesty, quality & integrity aren’t sacrificed in the process. But when people into a pro-diversity mantra care mainly about the “diversity,” less so about the honesty, quality and integrity, then problems start creeping in.

    • Fernandel says:

      Let’s be serious…

  • Fernandel says:

    Dalia Stasevska is not a bad conductor…

  • Byrwec Ellison says:

    Huh?? Why shouldn’t the NYT do a profile — sorry, “puff piece” — on a guest conductor with an interesting back story about her support for Ukraine. After all, this blog has reported on Stasevska news — her Ukraine support, Nobel Concert, BBC Proms, Lahti & BBC Symphony appointments — in something approaching three dozen posts. This is NYT’s chance to catch up with Slippedisc.

  • Bedrich Sourcream says:

    The Times is utterly irrelevant with their utterly incompetent, woke, staff. And she is incompetent, with her long hair flouncing around.