Kirill Petrenko cancels February with a bad foot

Kirill Petrenko cancels February with a bad foot


norman lebrecht

January 30, 2023

It’s the same ailment he suffered from last summer.

Daniel Harding will fly in.

We wish Kirill a swift recovery.

Press release:
Chief conductor Kirill Petrenko has to undergo routine follow-up surgery due to a previous foot injury. As a result, he has unfortunately been forced to cancel his concerts with the Berliner Philharmoniker in February 2023. This affects both the subscription concerts as part of the Biennale of the Berliner Philharmoniker from 9 to 11 February 2023 and the Family Concert on 12 February 2023.

The Berliner Philharmoniker and Kirill Petrenko are very grateful to Daniel Harding for agreeing to take over these concerts. While the programme of the Family Concert will remain unchanged, there is an alteration regarding the commissioned work in the concerts from 9 to 11 February.

The originally planned premiere of Miroslav Srnka’s Superorganisms, a work dedicated by the composer to Kirill Petrenko and the Berliner Philharmoniker, will now be rescheduled for one of the next seasons. Instead, we will hear The Oceanides by Jean Sibelius and Benjamin Britten’s Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes.


  • Gustavo says:

    Oh come on, he doesn’t need his feet to conduct.

  • Arthur says:

    Kirill Petrenko is such a marvelous conductor.

  • J says:

    He could sit down, just like so many others. Conducting isn’t choreography or contact sports…

  • nun says:

    I didn’t realize Air France pilots had such flexible schedules, Harding is always so available for last minute gigs.

    I wonder how often Harding makes the joke in front of the orchestra while raising his baton: “I just flew in from Paris and boy are my arms tired.”

  • Emanuele P says:

    Wishing him all the best of course, I still feel that his choice not to make any recordings at all (almost) is quite bad for the wider audience that doesn’t live in Berlin or doesn’t want to pay the Berliner website subscription. His art must be shared with everyone, we all need to enjoy it and this would be wonderful for him as well. Maybe they could just publish the CDs of their concerts at least or sell the digital files?? His free choice of course, but I miss listening to the Berliner a lot!