I completely f*cked up Mozart in Berlin

I completely f*cked up Mozart in Berlin


norman lebrecht

January 22, 2023

The German clarinetist David Orlowsky got turned in his teens first by klezmer music and then by an invitation from the violinist Gidon Kremer to play chamber music at his Lockenhaus Festival.

But the path to success has been rocky, he tells Zsolt Bognar in Living the Classical Life. And the pifalls are unpredictable.



  • nun says:

    Why don’t musicians start over as a matter of course when things go wrong?

    It’s much less distracting to do a fresh start, diffusing everyone’s stress, than to plow on ahead with the screw up.

  • T.J. says:

    Call yourself a professional?
    I’ve f*cked up Mozart all over the world.