5 police vans protect Netrebko at Vienna Opera

5 police vans protect Netrebko at Vienna Opera


norman lebrecht

January 22, 2023

A small protest was held last night against the reappearance of Anna Netrebko at the Vienna State Opera. The Russian soprano, who also holds an Austrian passport, has been supportive in the past of Vladimir Putin’s political objectives.

In all, 15 people turned out on a freezing night to protest.

They were monitored by five police vans, crammed with armed cops.


  • Malatesta says:

    Bit of a conflict for Bogdan Rosic the Intendant at the VSO as his natural inclination is to support his eastern compatriots. Germany wasn’t slow in sending Panzers to the Ukraine in 1941 but hesitates now whilst Putin propels his singers to undermine Zelensky’s valiant efforts to shore up support.

  • JS says:

    I want to thank those courageous people. I know – as well as they know – that it won’t help anyway. Power, money & glitter under the guise of HIGH ART – and thousands of russians in Western Europe who have money (from where? how they earn it?) and influence. Didn’t putin dance at the wedding of an Austrian minister? didn’t netrebko enjoy herself at the ball a few days ago – accompanied by Philippe Jordan himself, and also the grand grand Placido Domingo and that shady restaurateur Aki Nuredini? so it’s clear who’s in control, the protesters will only be laughed at. But I thank them and wish I was there, I would have stood with them. Shame on Kaufmann and – especially Garanca – who, as a Latvian, knows what “ruskij mir” means and yet sings with this putinist, for a career. Shame.

    • Renata says:

      Before thanking those courageous people make an effort to educate yourself about the Ukrainian Insurgent Army whose flag they are waving. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_Insurgent_Army

      • Hayne says:

        Please don’t spoil the narrative.

      • tanya says:

        It is irrelevant, since right now Ukraine defends its own territory from Russian occupants who are killers, rapists and thieves.

      • JS says:

        I know about Ukrainian nationalists and Bandera. My grandparents lived in Volhynia. They escaped at time – one of their ukrainian neighbors told them that there would be a massacre. Those who did not escape and only hid were murdered.
        But that was then and we’re talking about now, about a protest against the hiring of Netrebko. The Russians have such influence in the West that the Ukrainians have no chance to break through and be heard.

  • woke millenial says:

    Why didn’t they glue themselves onto the floor?

  • PS says:

    Can we get a Blu ray? Is DG officially done with her?

  • Cezary says:

    Netrebko seems easy with Putitler – https://www.euronews.com/…/anna-netrebko-off-the…

  • Tom Phillips says:

    Doesn’t look like they posed any danger whatsoever – quite unlike the thuggish regime and movements her and her even more loathsome husband quite fervently support.

  • Robin says:

    Well people, the time seems ripe for Netflix to give us “Keeping up with Netrebko”.

    • Potpourri says:

      See Anna’s Instagram account and “Keeping up with Netrebko” is free (family, friends, cooking, travel, museums, rehearsals, humor).

  • Nick Kalogeresis says:

    History will remember Netrebko and her husband in unflattering ways anyway.

  • Mystic Chord says:

    So 15 people turned up to protest, exactly how many people thought it was appropriate to witness the Netrebko sideshow in the hall?

    • Rita Rink says:

      Mystic Chord, All four performances of Aida were sold out within minutes of going on sale. That is 11,524 people who attended with many more wishing they could be there.

  • Rita Rink says:

    Dear Slipped Disc, please change the number to 9,128. The correct number is 9,128 seats at four performances. I forgot to reset my calculator from an earlier calculation.

  • mtg says:

    Hahahaha, a lousy tiny group of despicable banderists 🙂