Vienna comes knocking for Jaap

Vienna comes knocking for Jaap


norman lebrecht

December 07, 2022

The Wiener Symphoniker have booked the outgoing New York Philharmonic music director for a 9-concert European tour in February-March.

The orchestra is presently headless and hunting. It needs someone who can start soon.

Watch this space.


  • Vienneseguy says:

    Please not jaap

  • Amos says:

    They deserve each other. Arrogant management and the new rent-a-cop stick waver; a match made in Vienna.

  • Jobim75 says:

    Why did he quit play the violin?….he will never be as good conductor….

    • Concertgebouw79 says:

      You are though. But it’s a question everybody ask about him. When you are the Konzertmeister of the Concertgebouw… But he was very adverturous he did somthing unique.

    • Simon Scott says:

      @ Jobim 25.
      Because even mediocre conductors earn more than musicians who slave away on their instruments.

  • Mr. Ron says:

    Jaap did such wonders in NYC (sarcasm).

    On the other hand, he is likely available.

  • Bulgakov says:

    His agent in Vienna is the very (some might say ‘too’) influential Michael Lewin. But just because they’ve booked him for a tour doesn’t mean they want him for chief. That could well be a big calendar gap that was created by the horribly handled departure of Orozco-Estrada.

  • Barry Guerrero says:

    All these people who complain about Jaap van Zweden; have any of them actually listened to his complete Bruckner symphonies cycle with the Netherlands Radio Phil. on Challenge Classics? . . if not, they really should. It’s about as good as they get. In fact, they should ask him to do some Bruckner in N.Y., as I feel he’s quite a bit better at it than Lorin Maazel was. He also made two very fine Mahler recordings in Dallas – the 6th symphony, followed by the 3rd. He’s one of the few people who conducts both Bruckner and Mahler equally well. I watched the PBS broadcast of his Beethoven’s 9th from the newly renovated David Geffen Hall. That was as exciting a Beethoven 9 as one could ever possibly hope to hear (yes, I know – Furtwaengler did the ending coda even faster). Jaap will be more than qualified for the Wiener Symphoniker. And if they are – as one person put it – “a match made in Vienna”, what exactly is wrong with that!