Podcast: Is opera’s most hated man about to head BBC’s Radio 3?

Podcast: Is opera’s most hated man about to head BBC’s Radio 3?


norman lebrecht

December 11, 2022

In the latest edition of Backchat, our slippedisc.com podcast, we reveal the latest frontrunner in the race to be Controller of BBC Radio 3.

This information is one of those 50-50 tips, where one informant is absolutely positive that Beelzebub has got the job and another whispers in our ear that he gave a poor interview. I’d take an each way bet on it.

Bottom line: opera’s current favourite villain  is in the running for the most coveted job in classical music. Fact.

To find out who that might be,  listen nowhere else but here.



  • Malatesta says:

    What is it with ACE that the BBC look to them to supply their senior execs? Having read the news at Classic FM and gone on to run ACE with disastrous results, are you now seriously suggesting that Henley will move to BH? What a potential disaster, mind you that is probably why the BBC are looking at him.

  • Herbie G says:

    Do we care any longer who heads R3?

  • Peter San Diego says:

    How is Controller of Radio 3 “the most coveted job in classical music”? Even from an insular perspective, one would imagine that description would apply more to the artistic director of the Royal Opera, or chief conductor of the LSO…

    • Peter Seivewright says:

      Quite obviously, the ‘most coveted jobs’ in Western Classical Music are opportunities as performers and composers. This is what musicians wish to do.

  • Reith's ghost says:

    Every senior executive appointment at BBC R3 of late has been proof of ‘failing upwards’ theory.
    That will make any budgetary massacre at the mid term review an act of cultural vandalism overseen by talentless incompetence.

  • Maria says:

    Who are you all talking about in this coded language? Beelzibub??? Henley???

    • Miv Tucker says:

      Must be Don Henley of Eagles fame, a bold, radical choice, who’ll bring a much-needed fresh perspective on both R3 and its content.
      One just hopes he can take the strain of those long commutes from the US West Coast to the UK North East.

  • James says:

    I’ve just discovered these podcasts. They’re really good! Why have you already stopped them? More please!