New York school settles music profs strike

New York school settles music profs strike


norman lebrecht

December 11, 2022

Part-time faculty at Manhattan’s New School have reached a tentative agreement to end their 25-day strike.

The college has agreed to pay their health insurance and offer a substantial pay rise to the present miserable rates. Faculty who teach a 45 contact hour studio course will see their pay rise from $4,300 today to $6,875 per course by 2026.



  • Hmus says:

    There is simply no excuse for the US not to have established universal health care like every other civilized country.

  • pme says:

    Just to be clear, this was a strike of ALL adjunct professors at the New School and Parsons School of Design. Your headline characterizing as a music faculty strike is misleading.

  • Daniel Benavent says:

    You’re header photo is Manhattan SchoolofMusic, not Mannes or NewSchool!

  • Liam Allan-Dalgleish says:

    This is sloppily written. I can’t comment because I can’t figure out what is meant by “course.” The stuff of the technology miracle needs some old fashioned editing.

  • Musiclover says:

    I teach private lessons at Mannes and my hourly rate, which is higher than what I get at Juilliard, will rise by almost $100 per hour in a few years. Mannes will have teaching rates well beyond Juilliard, MSM, Curtis…This is just crazy. I don’t see how Mannes will survive this contract. Not to mention health care benefits better than what my wife gets as a public school teacher. Mannes College and Mannes Prep will be out of business by the time this five-year contract is over. Anyone who can do math can figure that out. What a shame.

    • Music Teacher Union says:

      Don’t worry. As a UAW member who teaches part-time at a lot of schools around the region, we’re coming next for Juilliard, MSM, NEC, Curtis…there will be no school left untouched and they better open their wallets now. They are all paying poverty wages. Wait til we organize all the conservatories across the country.

  • Carol Sims says:

    I had no idea the Manhattan School of Music faculty was on strike. When did that happen????

  • James Goin says:

    I had heard about it but didn’t know it was true, but it’s very interesting news. I was not affected by this wave because I am just learning and have not yet become an adjutant, but already waiting for a promotion. Now I am closing the learning moments in literature by the book The Brothers Karamazov work preparing from the resource finding a lot of useful things that I did not notice myself. And so our teachers did not strike especially and it somehow bypassed us.