British composer wins richest award for fire score

British composer wins richest award for fire score


norman lebrecht

December 05, 2022

The 2023 Grawemeyer music prize, worth $100,000, has been awarded to Julian Anderson for his cello concerto, Litanies.

The score was inspired by the death of his colleague Oliver Knussen and the devastating fire at Notre Dame.

Alban Gerhardt and the Orchestre National de France gave the work its 2020 world premiere in Paris.

Anderson, 55, is professor of composition and composer-in-residence at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London.

The Grawemeyer was originally worth $150k but a shrinking investment fund has reduced it by one third.

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  • I beg your pardon says:

    What? A winning piece written by someone who’s not simultaneously black, transgender and Ukrainian? Say what??

  • Bonetti Micaela says:

    Loved the excerpt you linked to your post, Mr Lebrecht.
    By the way, fantastic cellist I never heard of!
    Thank you for permitting me to discover this composer.

  • Kay Warbrick says:

    Like what I hear on the YouTube clip very much

  • BP says:

    The prize is worth 200,000 USD. It says so on the press release. No worries.

    • Fudgebot says:

      It’s $100,000…has been since 2011. It began at $150,000 from 1985-1999, increased to $200,000 from 2000-2010.

  • DrMarc says:

    Wow! Beautiful! The cellist plays with such sensitivity and sentiment. The orchestration reminds me of many masterful moments in 20th century French repertoire including Ravel. My only complaint as such is I wanted to hear much more. Is this the entire work?

  • EPBiggs says:

    should mention the fine conductor is John Storgards.

  • Rob Keeley says:

    To him who already has it all, much more shall be given.

  • Unvaccinated says:

    200k for empty junk. What on earth happened to creative composition??!!