Orchestra volinist, 49, found dead at home

Orchestra volinist, 49, found dead at home


norman lebrecht

November 17, 2022

Musicians in Yucatan, Mexico, are mystified at the sudden death of first violinist Leonel Armenta, who was found dead in his apartment, where he lived alone, by neighbours in the block.

The Orquesta Sinfónica de Yucatán said: ‘We express our most profound condolences for Leonel Armenta’s family and join in their pain during this difficult time.’

No cause has yet been established.


  • Hayne says:

    Does anyone know someone who has regretted NOT
    getting the shot?

  • Leonardo Bautista says:

    First time I read something about classical music in Mexico on a foreign specialized news outlet. I wonder why when the General Manager of Mexico City’s Philharmonic died during the height of the pandemic, there was no news published anywhere. I had to find out via a friend of mine.

  • Robert Holmén says:

    COVID, accidental overdose, head injury that seemed minor at first, leaky furnace fumes… there are lots of ways one can unexpectedly end up dead at home.