Not to be outdone at dinner, Yuja Wang…

Not to be outdone at dinner, Yuja Wang…


norman lebrecht

November 28, 2022

… has posted a new set of exposures.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – November 17 – Lines Ballet Dancers and Yuja Wang attend SFCM Fourth Hall with Yuja Wang on November 17th 2022 at 1 Jones Street, CA 94102 US in San Francisco, CA (Photo – Drew Altizer)


  • Luca says:

    Lovely grub!

  • Yv says:

    Disgusting as always, may be, it would be better to play at the Reeperbahn in Hamburg??

    • fanning the flames of misogyny says:

      Even if the attire is unusual and somewhat inappropriate, anyone who finds such beauty disgusting has something wrong with them.

      • MishMish says:

        (Her) “attire is … somewhat inappropriate”. I’m guessing YV is responding to her exhibitionism, not her looks.

    • Caractacus says:

      Your comment is disgusting! In this day and age you should be allowed to wear what you wish. Try listening to the music instead – she has an impeccable technique and plays with great musicality. Anyway, the Beatles played at the Reeperbahn and few would now dispute their greatness!

      • Sue sonata form says:

        “In this day and age you should be allowed to wear what you wish.”

        Yes, it’s called a race to the bottom!!

      • CJ says:

        To Caractacus: can you really always “wear what you wish”? I think not, even nowadays there is a minimum of dress code, according to the situation and the public, even for gifted and pretty people.
        (I don’t imagine the Prime Minister or the King giving a speech in shorts and a hoodie, even if they were competent and the sexiest men on the planet.)

      • Bedrich Sourcream says:

        Absolutely not. “In this day and age” is a perpetual excuse for the lowest of the low.

  • IseMe says:

    She is fantastic… who cares about the cloth. Haters be quiet carry on with your boring life.

    • MishMish says:

      She is an awesome pianist. Yet anyone that views her attire as inappropriate is a “hater”. Riiiiight! How immature! The big irony here is that she complains about being sexualized. Hahaha. Gaslighting at its finest!

      • Bedrich Sourcream says:

        She is only awesome in the execution of playing notes, not as a musician or artist.

      • Sophie says:

        So… You’re saying she dresses in a way you consider inappropriate/provocative so she deserves it?

        • MishMish says:

          No, you’re saying that. I never said that and never implied that. She courts controversy with her skimpy outfits. No surprise when she gets blowback.

      • IseMe says:

        So mature!
        Hypocrites are advised to be quiet and go on with their mediocre life. And still a hater, because if it’s not the cloth, then something else. Most likely a deep rooted inferiority complex. How can she dare to dress like this and be confident when hypocrites obey are rules and still nobody cares about them. What an unfair society.
        So easy to see what the real problem is having a problem with somebody’s self-consciousness.
        Stay quiet. Best advice for you.

    • Bedrich Sourcream says:

      Because it is a distraction from the music, of course. Labeling people with critical faculties as “haters” is infantile.

  • lamed says:

    It’s San Francisco, all three are wearing too much.

  • anmarie says:

    So many comments come to mind … most of which would be redacted.

  • PHF says:

    Cute as usual, the music? I dont know, never heard the playing…

    • harry Collier says:

      She’s a pianist, not a catwalk model. So why do you bother commenting if you have never heard her play? Unlike most first-class pianists, she also manages to get lots of (publicity) exposure. Good for her.

  • M McGrath says:

    Not slim enough to dress like this :). Invites comments like this when dressing like a French maid or a French desert. Perhaps best suited for British Panto in the weeks ahead?

    • Sue Sonata Form says:

      I think there’s something sad about it, to tell truth. Drill down and you’ll probably find a yearning to move away from conformity which mostly likely eluded her in years of study, conformity and obedience.

      • Sophie says:

        Ummm… Why would that be a “sad” thing? If she’s finally able to express who she really is and dress in a way that makes her feel good?

        • MishMish says:

          So the important issue here is that her attire makes her “feel good”? This speaks to her narcissism. She disrespects the great masters whose music she plays, as well as the audience through her distraction. She flouts conventional decorum and good taste for shock. Would she greet Mozart or Rachmaninoff in a call girl outfit?

          • IseMe says:

            They wouldn’t care as much as you think. Most likely they would have adored her. Because unlike you, they are free spirits. More likely Mozart and alike would have never even acknowledged your presence because it seems to be grey and full of rules which is not your fault but your upbringing with strict moral rules. You never had the chance to be you.

            Why do you talk so low of call girls? Again, it’s to easy to read your issues. Stop exposing them. Feel pity for you. Really.

    • Bone says:

      Either you are a jealous woman or a man who doesn’t like attractive women due to years of rejection. Either way, shaddup – she flaunts her youthful look and plays beautiful music.

    • RS says:

      Whatever we think of the rights and wrongs of her choice of clothing, and of the rights and wrongs of commenting on it, your comment, M McGrath, is the foulest of all. It is, in short, pure poison given all that we now know about the mental tortures resulting from body-shaming. If you prefer skinny bodies, that’s your business. Don’t impose it on others.

  • MishMish says:

    The facts that she is a great pianist and also dresses totally inappropriately are not mutually exclusive. Even if she performed at Carnegie Hall buck naked, her fanboys would happily roll with that.

  • Greg Bottini says:

    What does that even mean?

  • Steven says:

    Yuka Wang is fantastic – if you know anything about music, you’ll appreciate her when you watch her perform.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    “Does my bum look big in this?”

    Yes, Yuja.

  • PG Vienna says:

    If she were a rock or jazz artist nobody would comment on her attire. Is it because classical music is only appreciate by grey temples that we have to endure all these comments?

    • Tommy says:

      I have some difficulty classifying Jan Lisiecki (and several other pianists) as having ‘grey temples’. He is also a far better pianist than this circus act YW. Obviousy he doesn’t need to rely on clothing to get this across to his audience.

  • Robin Blick says:

    Pathetic. Music is for women as well as men, for the ears and the brain, not the eyes and the genitals.

    • The View from America says:

      The genitals are connected to … where?

    • Sophie says:

      As a (straight) woman I personally think she looks great and, more importantly, sounds great… Never occurred to me that her performance wasn’t aimed at me, so I must thank you for enlightening me and the rest of my gender.

  • Robert Holmén says:

    Next time you hear the old saw that classical music is too formal you can point them to Yuja Wang.

    In the US, dinner theater is a desperate measure life-support measure for acting careers. Perhaps dinner *ballet* is different?

    I wonder what a ticket is to this.

  • Stone says:


    Thankfully being a sighted person as well as discerning listener, Ms. Wang, I don’t mind having my senses thus engaged.

    Funny thing though: unfamiliar with this particular website and it’s name, and seeing your picture alongside; what I have observed of your singular and enthusiastic bow to any given audience; at first glance, I thought you had thrown your lovely back out! OMG! That really would not be good.
    Do, take care.

    Personally, I’m relieved by this asanine controversy vs. the tragedy of what I thought might have been, for you, and all your adoring consumers regardless of their tastes. I find as I get older I really like spice. Wishing you continued good health and wealth!

  • Una says:

    Total show off and self-obsessed.

  • Max Raimi says:

    Anything that gets more people into the concert hall to hear great music well played earns my hearty approval. You go, Yuja.

  • MishMish says:

    To those offended by the critical comments below:

    SlippedDisc saw fit to publish this item.

    You saw fit to look at it.

    The readership sees fit to comment on it.

    Get over. it.

  • Bone-dry says:

    Wuja’s getting ever closer to full-on dominatrix attire. Maybe she’ll start twerking for an encore…Anything to get uptight tongues wagging.

  • Ellie says:

    Really, Norman? You moderated my last comment? Just calling this what it is again – misogyny baiting. Please take the news tag off as it’s not relevant to this article.

  • ChicagoMusician says:

    Ms Wang spent two weeks working with students at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. The event at which these photos were taken included chamber music performances by Ms Wang and SFCM students. It raised over $1,200,000 for student scholarships. The heading for the story should have been : TOP SOLOIST RAISES $1.2 MILLIONS FOR STUDENT SCHOLARSHIPS