London loses top college chief

London loses top college chief


norman lebrecht

November 24, 2022

The Royal college of Music is catching its collective breath this morning after Colin Lawson, its tenth Director, announced his retirement.

Lawson, 73, will step down in August 2024.

A clarinettist by vocation, Lawdon has led the RCM for almost two decades, managing a £40 million campus redevelopment and ensuring that over 50% of RCM students receive scholarship support.


  • henry williams says:

    so he should at age 73.
    what about the next generation.

  • UK Arts Administrator says:

    For anyone thinking of applying, the current RCM director’s basic salary as published in the RCM’s most recent accounts was £220,000, plus “payment in lieu of pension” of a further £34,884, plus “benefits in kind” (footnote: for private healthcare) of a further £10,987: a total package of £273,871. Salaries for a number of vice-chancellors of UK universities (against which the RCM director’s salary is compared) are even higher. A less well paid job that some say might fall vacant in the next couple of years is that of UK prime minister: but to take on that role you’d have to accept a salary that is around £109,000 less than you’d receive as director of the RCM.

    • Maria says:

      Retiring at 73? Salary still a lot more than being Prime Minister and run the whole of the UK! Also too many music colleges in London for jobs.

  • Edward says:

    don’t know if it’s still the case, but I think they used to get a house off Exhibition Road, which must be worth a fair bit.

  • Arts worker says:

    Perhaps now it’s time to review the Directors massive salary, especially at a time where so many people are struggling to pay the bills.

    His ‘pension contribution’ is larger than the salaries of most of his administration staff. Ludicrous!