Just in: Currentzis tries again in Berlin

Just in: Currentzis tries again in Berlin


norman lebrecht

November 02, 2022

The Greek-Russian conductor has been thwarted in his plan to perform Tristan und Isolde across several German cities.

But he doesn’t give up. He is bringing his Putin-funded musicAeterna to Berlin’s Funkhaus on November 23 to perform chunks of Wagner operas ‘with guest soloists’.

Everything about Currentzis and his ventures is kept deliberately shadowy.

He is Gazprom’s gift to the German winter.


  • soavemusica says:

    “Gazprom’s gift to the German winter” is certainly a viable view, but if the sanctions end up essentially hurting the German economy instead of Russian, is that Russia`s fault?

    The problem of results is that it is hard to argue with them, not that most rulers care, in Russia, US, or Europe.

    I do hope winter is not coming with full force, because it appears Europe is as prepared to confront it as the case of Euro insolvency, massive asylum-seeking by young males, Covid…

  • Novagerio says:

    We didn’t mind Gazprom before Putin’s war.
    Now, who doest it hit, when winter arrives? Us or Putin?

  • Walter Klemmer says:

    Great program and the venue is fantastic. Thanks for the heads-up! I certainly will be there on Nov. 23

  • Evan Tucker says:

    There are always artists on the side of evil….

    Currentzis is a talented guy, he’d probably be better if he didn’t take dirty money to surround himself with a cult.

    • Tamino says:

      „Evil“ is child talk.
      In an adult world there are „interests“. And I hate Putin and his sick regime.

      Not a whatsboutism, but still worth realizing: illegal US military interventions after WWII cost many more innocent civilian lives, than the Russian (non-)equivalent.
      Dead is dead, by „freedom“, by „evil“, from the perspective of an attacked people, these are mere semantics.
      (And btw, people in Iraq or Libya are much worse off today than before US intervention, particularly the women.)

  • Dorabello says:

    What lies behind your uncontrollable, primordial, all-encompassing hatred for Currentzis? what did he do to you? why do you have to be so aggressive and evil time after time, bending the facts, not caring about anything, just feeding into this hatred? Whom does it help???? certainly not the Ukranians under the russian bombs. The depths of human indecency and stupidity don’t cease to amaze me…

    • Tamino says:

      What lies behind your blind, naive and undifferentiated adolation for Currentzis?
      It‘s not hatred at all to see his attempt to suck money sources in both western Europe AND from Putin‘s mercy very critical. Who is indecent here?

  • M McGrath says:

    Well, to be fair, he DOES have to earn an income and he DOES have to pay the orchestra members. And as we condemn Currentzis, do we also condemn each violinist and oboeist?

    BTW: Looking at the 22-23 programme for the Baden Baden festival house, I note that Currentzis, Anna and hubby, and Domingo will appear there. Also, it seems Domingo is on the advisory board there. (But on a very good note, the Berliners and Petrenko will perform “Frau ohne Schatten” in April 2023.)