Detroit Opera finds a music director

Detroit Opera finds a music director


norman lebrecht

November 21, 2022

Six years after David DiChiera, retired and four after he died, Detroit has found a successor.

His name is Roberto Kalb and he starts today.

“Roberto’s excellent reputation at Detroit Opera preceded him, but I was overjoyed to experience his excellent musicianship and his collaborative ethos during La bohème last April,” said Artistic Director Yuval Sharon. “He led the orchestra with rigor and care, and their overwhelming enthusiasm for his artistry and his manner made him a natural fit for the role of Music Director.”




  • Anonymous says:

    Dichiera was the general director, not music director. His successor is Wayne Brown who formerly headed the National Endowment for the Arts opera division. Wayne was already brought on board before David died. Yuval Sharon and Christine Goerke are co-artistic directors. Detroit hasn’t had a music director in years. Roberto is an excellent hire, but definitely not David’s replacement.

    • Detroit Opera Library says:

      Dr. DiChiera was both general and artistic director of MOT, until he retired as general director and selected Wayne Brown as his successor. Dr. D continued as artistic director for several years there after.
      Yuval is our current artistic director and Christine is our assistant artistic director as well as coordinator of the resident artists program. Not to mention, a fabulous leading lady.
      True though, that Roberto is the second music director under contract in the companies history.

    • IgnotumCantor says:

      I certainly HOPE he is not David’s replacement. On numerous occasions DiChiera made wildly inappropriate suggestions to me while working there. Hands placed on my knee under the table while at cast dinners, attempted fondling behind doors, promises of pieces written for me personally, all with the completely clear intent or reciprocity. When I did not relent, he stopped writing me into his opera and dropped me like a hot potato, thanks be to God. Ugh. A sad, not-so-closeted man who used every opportunity to proposition men like myself. I have no doubt Detroit will lose the stench of his behavior.

  • Evan Tucker says:

    He’s great.