Breaking: Currentzis players are suspended in Germany over pro-war acts

Breaking: Currentzis players are suspended in Germany over pro-war acts


norman lebrecht

November 24, 2022

BR reports that a number of players in the Russia-based MusicaEterna have been suspended after making offensive gestures about the war.

One filmed himself turning the heating up to make Germans freeze. Another sang a nationalist song and proclaimed his praise of the murderous Wagner Group mercenaries. Others waves Russian flags in support of the war on Ukraine.

The players were suspended after the management of the Dortmund Concert Hall said it would not tolerate such actions. ‘We’ve always said: Anyone who clearly speaks out in favour of the war or the Kremlin can’t get a stage with us,’ said Raphael von Hoensbroech, the hall director.

Currentzis himself has been personally cancelled by Cologne. The Greek-Russian conductor is compromised by his close links to Gazprom, the Putin energy company.


  • Sly says:

    Their behaviour is about as loathsome as their music making

  • Veronica says:

    Currentzis is one of the most overrated conductors anyway!

  • Petros Linardos says:

    If the Germans don’t tolerate a pro-Putin stance, why don’t they cancel the whole project? In what way is the noise the social media any worse than Currentzis’ dependence on Gazprom?

  • william osborne says:

    It’s interesting that the Philharmonie in Cologne (the city’s major concert hall) cancelled a performance by the Stuttgart radio orchestra because Currentzis was conducting. A major German institution opposed to C. canceled a performance by a major German institution that supported him.

  • Robert Holmén says:

    It is a poor indicator for the future that so many other-wise educated Russians are just fine with the misery they are causing and want to cheer it on.

  • IP says:

    Oh, the trolls will be here in a moment to explain how it doesn’t matter. And that the bloodied sledgehammer that Prigozhin sent the European Parliament in a violin case was an inoffensive piece of action art.

  • Jean says:

    Fortunately, Gerhard Schröder doesn’t play in any orchestra …

    • Tristan says:

      no surprise as he is a nowadays socialist and they love money most – he is no exception though his behavior is just more embarrassing than most and very German indeed. Just read what the most prominent German philosopher said in the only serious newspaper left published yesterday – I may quote him:
      Hände weg von der Verwirklichung, zumal was deutsche Ideen angeht. Deutschland ist, als Heimat von Karl Marx, die grösste Exportnation für Irrtümer, die die Welt bewegten. Das möchte man kein weiteres Mal riskieren. Deswegen wäre es mir nicht recht, wenn gesagt würde, ein deutscher Philosoph habe die Helvetisierung der Welt gefordert. Ideen, die aus Deutschland kommen, haben eine gefährliche Neigung zur Verwirklichung.

  • SVM says:

    What happened to free speech, and the right of musicians (or any person) to hold and profess any political view, however controversial or contentious, in a personal capacity? Or do such freedoms not exist in Germany, a country where the media are still legally required to adopt a pro-NATO stance (a law that was imposed in West Germany during the Cold War and that has yet to be rescinded)?

  • Robert Holmén says:

    The state-controlled media in Russia is filled with state-paid pundits advocating the complete destruction of civilization in Ukraine and and the killing of all the people in it because… it’s Russia’s right to do so! And the Russian citizens seem eager to agree.

  • O. D. Jones says:

    Here in the western world, I’m free to say whatever I want at my place of employment… However, I can expect my employment to be terminated for making racist, homophobic, sexist statements, or statements that induce or condone violence while in the workplace…After which, I can continue have as much freedom of speech as I want, sitting at home, unemployed… I don’t really have a big problem with behaving in a civilized manner at my place of employment, and at no point do I feel my freedom of speech has been impinged by following the rules of my employer. Maybe people should be operating under the assumption that their actions may have repercussions? In this specific case, one wonders how much freedom of speech one would have, working for a Russian orchestra, if one didn’t toe the current party line… Termination of employment may have a different meaning there…

  • Joe53, alias 'Beethoven' says:

    I never allowed political opinions, or religious opinions, dominate my love of music. Example: I love Wagner’s music BUT hate his antisemitism & that he probably DID influence Hitler’s Nazis. Or hate Leonard Bernstein making a party to militant Black Panthers in 1970 YET I admire Bernstein as a great conductor & a fine composer. But sometimes you are forced to play ‘the devil’s advocate’.

  • dingo says:

    german nazis will stay nazis. disgusting banderite supporters. stupid liberal dements.