Berlin’s complete Ring is now viewable online

Berlin’s complete Ring is now viewable online


norman lebrecht

November 20, 2022

The biggest name on the credits is Christian Thielemann, standing in for Daniel Barenboim. The director is Dmitri Tcherniakov.

The service is provided by Arte, the French-German culture TV channel, which is normally free to view only in the EU.

Click here.


  • frank says:

    I tried to watch, but a pop up says the performance can not be watched from my current location. Would appreciate any advice on how view this from USA.

  • Alviano says:

    Watch with your eyes shut tight.

  • Parkett links says:

    It’s up and in! Andreas Schager hits Cycle III’s single basket (yes, live in the theater — that’s not re-edited rehearsal footage) Götterdämmerung’s gymnasium staging expects (at 3:39:30). Schager tossed up a brick that didn’t land in Cycle II, and I don’t know how the heldentenor fared Berlin’s first cycle. Can any SD readers from Cycle I report on Siegfried’s overall shooting percentage?

    Siegfried’s clutch shot comes, of course, in Götterdämmerung’s penultimate scene, shortly before Brünnhilde tosses off the immolation finale, because, as every basketball fan knows — and, this time, literally — “the opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”

    • lamed says:

      But Wagner was explicit here in his stage directions that Siegfried makes a free throw (insisting that it not be a dunk) and misses the basket for an airball:

      “Siegfried macht einen Freiwurf, keinen Dunk, verfehlt den Korb und macht ein Airball” as a symbol of his missed opportunities and his futile efforts.

      Ohh, the production was so faithful for 4 operas until the moment of making the basket.