Welcome to the Slipped Disc podcast… starting now

Welcome to the Slipped Disc podcast… starting now


norman lebrecht

October 30, 2022

Starting next Sunday, Rainer Hersch and I aim to bring sunlight into the November gloom with a weekly chat and send-up of the major issues that are troubling classical music and the performing arts.

Wanna hear the trailer?

You got it.

Click here.

And here.


So many listeners leaving classical radio… where are they going?


  • EPBiggs says:

    And on Spotify, what search term? Tried the obvious, no go. ???

  • Alan says:

    Great news.
    Good luck

  • Gerry McDonald says:

    Tell Rainer The Man from Edinburgh says “Boo!”

  • Tony Sanderson says:

    Best wishes for this new vventure!

  • Jeffrey Biegel says:

    Great idea. Good luck with this new platform.

  • Mecky Messer says:

    Wait….YOU know what a podcast is?! Congratulations! Finally making it to the 2000’s after all this time.

    Next up: an instagram account.