Just in: More Germans cancel Currentzis

Just in: More Germans cancel Currentzis


norman lebrecht

October 04, 2022

The German tide has turned decisively against the GazProm-backed conductor.

This morning the Kölner Philharmonie cancelled his January 27 concert on political grounds. They said: ‘We have decided to cancel the concert with Teodor Currentzis. This in no way means that we do not appreciate his artistic achievement.’

Last week, SWR terminated his music directorship.

Austria remains open, however. The Greek-Russian conductor has a date at the Vienna Konzerthaus next week with his newly assembled ‘Utopia’ orchestra.


  • Achim Mentzel says:

    Please try atleast to find a good translator for the official press releases instead of spreading wild speculations. The SWR has not terminated the music directorship of Currentzis. They signed a new chief conductor from season 2025/26, who will succeed him. The press release also states, that Roth will lead some concerts in season 2024/25 as Chief Conductor Designate and that Currentzis will stay connected to the orchestra also after his term. The last may be of course pure blabla.

  • Onkel Hausfrau says:

    The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra should do the same!

  • Tamino says:

    Currentzis is lucky he is no pipeline, otherwise our American friends would bomb his concerts too.

    • Hayne says:

      Which reminds me, why aren’t SD readers in Europe furious with the US? They may have enough reserves for the winter but then what? How about musicians (if they even are allowed to perform) playing in freezing halls? Yes, I’m speculating but good grief, what does it take?

      • Gustavo says:

        Why should Europe be furious with the US?

        Europe is already living the perfect American dream.

        However, the rude awakening is imminent.


      • Amos says:

        Ah the putin disinformation twins are at it again this time regarding kremlin claims that the US, not russia, sabotaged the pipeline. Really Comrade H you just speculating good grief indeed. Please give yourself full credit for again doing your handlers bidding and claiming that day is night, vaccines and masks cause disease and that russian dissidents toppling out of 6th floor windows is a case of vertigo or momentary insanity. I hope you voted in all 4 Democratic referendums in Ukraine; I’m sure no soldiers with AKs were necessary for you to make your mark in the designation spot on all the ballots.

    • Alex says:

      I hope they will.

  • trumpetherald says:

    The SWR did not cancel his contract.He announced at least two years ago he would not renew it to have more time for other musical activities.

  • Gustavo says:

    It’ll soon be

    The Last Night of the GazProms.