Another German city dumps Currentzis

Another German city dumps Currentzis


norman lebrecht

October 07, 2022

It looks like Dortmund has cancelled his debut (they promise details on Monday). Meanwhile, they are taking no bookings.

The compromised Gazprom conductor and his orcestra Utopia are looking increasingly toxic.

Credit to Axel Brüggemann for tweeting this one.


  • Gustavo says:

    Just get on with it!

  • Alan says:

    And when the war is over and Russia has lost? Do we continue to punish their artists? Just curious

    • Amos says:

      Today another 500 dead Ukrainian civilians were unearthed in Kharkiv. Of those ~ 200 were women and 19 were children. If the war ended today should we absolve putin of responsibility or those artists that refused to speak out?

      • Hayne says:

        This is not for you but for the few who may think there is another side to the mass media propaganda.

        • Amos says:

          Comrade H it is clearly for the few fellow travelers and colleagues on the payroll. Your efforts to have vp receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in Ukraine came up a bit short this year.

          PS Anyone going for info about anything to the moon of alabama website already knows that the 2020 election was stolen, 9/11 was an inside job and the 1968 moon landing took place in the Mojave Desert. You must be able to do better on behalf of your handlers!

          • Hayne says:

            Besides the usual ad hominem attack, you’ve added another fallacy. Attack the messenger.
            You’re branching out. Congratulations!
            As I’ve written, this is for people who want to see other sides of things. Not you.

          • Amos says:

            Sorry but what I wrote was not an ad hominem or personal attack at all. As with your attempts to validate your uninformed views of science, today you once again resort to referencing a fringe website that is noted for posting disinformation crap to try and defend the mass murder perpetrated by your kremlin handlers. Regrettably, for you, there are actual reporters from real news outlets documenting with physical and photographic evidence what russian soldiers have done to Ukrainian civilians. If you insist on spreading disinformation about war crimes for personal gain then be prepared to be rebuked for it.

    • Galina says:

      I d say “punish ourselves”. It all looks beyond uncivilized.

  • Anthony Sayer says:

    And his crime is what, exactly?

  • petervanhaag says:

    norman, you have no background informations but you but this headline.
    i’m not expecting that i will find my comment online.
    Everything what is discrediting you , you sensor.
    You are not serious anymore.
    to give credit to brüggemann shows that you have no idea.
    ideologie and dogmatism, manipulation and spreading lies is not disturbing you.

  • MJA says:

    Well said, Alan. It strikes me that the war is being used cynically in some quarters to prosecute existing resentments, grievances and jealousies by other means.