Russian pop star names herself a foreign agent

Russian pop star names herself a foreign agent


norman lebrecht

September 18, 2022

The vastly popular singer Alla Pugacheva has told the Kremlin she wants to be listed as a foreign agent in solidarity with her husband, the singer and TV presenter Maxim Galkin, who has been penalised for anti-war remarks.

Pugacheva, 73, a national icon, called Galkin a ‘true and incorruptible patriot.’

She issued this challenge to the Putin regime:
Appeal to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. I ask you to enroll me in the ranks of foreign agents of my beloved country, because I am in solidarity with my husband, an honest, decent and sincere person, a true and incorruptible patriot of Russia, who wishes the Motherland prosperity, a peaceful life, freedom of speech and an end to the death of our men for illusory goals that make our country an outcast and make life difficult for our citizens.

News of her criticism has gone viral in Russia. She is the recipient of state honours from Putin..


  • Roman says:

    I think a bit of context would be useful here. “Foreign agent” is a formal status in Russia assigned to everyone who is “under foreign influence”. This formal status puts the following responsibilities:
    1. Each person’s message in social networks/media must contain an all-caps note, notifying that the message is produced by a “foreign agent”.
    2. Every quarter a “foreign agent” has to hand in financial statements and the report of any activities.
    3. Once a year a “foreign agent” must be audited.
    If a “foreign agent” fails doing any of those, they can be fined and imprisoned for 2 years.

    Maxim Galkin have been assigned “foreign agent” status officially several days ago.

  • DG says:

    More like her please! I hope she and her husband stay safe, and that their courage is emulated.

  • Uncle Sam says:

    Good for Alla Borisovna!
    An interesting video linked below: in 1999 Boris Yeltsin awards Pugacheva with then highest Russian civilian honor, and – along with saying many other highly complimentary things about her – paraphrases (at 1:14, speaking of himself instead of Leonid Brezhnev) a famous joke of the Soviet times: “Who was Brezhnev?” – “Oh, that was just an insignificant politician in the Era of Pugacheva”.:-)

  • Roland says:

    Wow, what a strong message!! She really loves both her husband and her country. It´s time for the whole Russian nation to stand up and show their love for Russia by fighting its corrupt regime and throwing the gangsters out from the Kremlin. But – history is repeating – the majority of the Russian people acts like the Germans between 1933 and 1945. And when the war against Ukraine is over one day and all the Russians have been thrown out of their currently occupied land, they will pretend not having known about the war crimes of the Russian army – just like no German after WWII knew anything about concentration camps.

  • Nicholas says:

    Zelensky did place Galkin on a list of “undesirables” threatening the national security of Ukraine, but it’s my understanding that he was removed from the list in June of this year. Galkin has, also, stopped parodying Zelensky since leaving Russia probably knowing he would be canceled by the West if he had continued. He and his wife have never been formally penalized by Russia. Pugacheva has returned to Russia for a visit, but Galkin I believe is just afraid. Obiter dictum: The singer songwriter Alexander Rosenbaum is still living in Russia and has vociferously denounced the far-right elements in Ukraine for destroying its culture, but he is naturally pained by the current geo-political and cultural complexities in that region as are many people on both sides of this political argument!

    • Roman says:

      Galkin is declared a “foreign agent”, which is already a penalty and greatly complicates life. See my message above for the list of implications.

  • Hugo Preuß says:

    More power to her. The courage of speaking truth to power. This is the type of statement Ms Netrebko could have made in order to continue her career in the West without any cancellations.

  • Taras Bulba says:

    Bravissima, Alla! I hope she’s staying away from windows and doorknobs…

  • Claudio says:

    How is russian pop star (former one) is related to classical music website?
    When we should expect news about Lady Gaga’s political views or discussion about Queen Bee outfits in comparison with Yuja Wang? 🙂
    Oh wait… is it just because the news about Russia? 🙂

    I can suggest more relevant news – maybe review Fedoseyev 90th jubilee concert in Zaryad’e hall? There was a bit of politics as well, as it is everywhere now.