Netrebko is attacked as ‘a fest in a pest’

Netrebko is attacked as ‘a fest in a pest’


norman lebrecht

September 07, 2022

The Ukrainian consul-general in Hamburg, Iryna Tybinka, has described tonight’s joint concert with her husband Yusif Eyvazov as ‘a celebration in the midst of a plague’ – in German ‘ein Fest inmitten der Pest’.


Iryna Tybinka went on to say: ‘The short memory of those who made this outrageous concert possible is surprising. After all, the circumstances that led to the cancellation of Netrebko’s concert in the Elbphilharmonie in March have not changed,… The Russian opera singer was, is and will remain one of the agents of influence of the Putin regime.’


  • la juive says:

    Is Netrebko worse than Wagner?

    • Tamino says:

      Or is Netrebko worse than those US golfers who now play for Saudi Arabian blood money?
      The west is morally totally bankrupt. No values anymore, nothing, only MONEY.

    • Franz Leiermann says:

      What’s your point exactly with this idiot comment.

      • JJ says:

        I guess she wants to tell us Wagner supported Hitler in person half a century after his (Wagner’s) death, and also expressed his wish to sleep with him (Hitler).
        The only thing that could surprise me from AN fans is a coherent, educated comment…

  • william osborne says:

    Netrebko has denounced the war. As a result she had performances cancelled in Russia, and has no performances scheduled in the future in Russia. Both sides seem to be using her for a punching bag. Documentation here:

  • Gustavo says:

    She is enjoying the best of both worlds.

    Like those rich Brexiters who go wining and dining in Paris and London.

  • Hervé says:

    Is she worse than Germaine Lubin ?

  • esfir ross says:

    Anna Netrebko was made an escape goat. She’s Austrian citizen and not blame for Putin war. Netrebko’s an Ukrainian last name. So she’s not full blood Russian. So Putin-there Gipsy parent. Let her sing.

  • sherman berman says:

    I misunderstood the headline. I thought it meant she’s coming to Pest, to the newly, beautifully, restored Budapest Opera House. Would I have gone? Absolutely.

    • esfir ross says:

      Amdassador of Ukraine cited A.Pushkin play: “Feast in time of pest”. Very awkward comparison. Why she’s meddling and try to influence German fans. This old fashion dressed ‘apparatchik” ‘ll fail in her plot.

    • Potpourri says:

      Sherman Berman, Anna Netrebko will sing at the Budapest Opera House on September 25, but it sold out the day it was announced. Just like her three performances of La Boheme at the Vienna State Opera.

      • JJ says:

        Newsflash to you: _The opening of the season always sells_ , never mind what. It would sell even if they’d put the zoo’s latest addition on stage instead of singers. Most of it is ‘sold’ unofficially weeks and months in advance to the people who attend this with the sole purpose to see other people and be seen there, to celebrity (or rather notoriety) addicts, and to selfie addicts, which means that most of it was ‘sold’ for the cancelled La Juive performance, not that it matters to that crowd, La Juive or La Bohème, all the same to them. The collective appreciation for opera of that crowd is less than that of a monkey on a barrel-organ. The leftover tickets are sold publicly to the second and third ranks of celeb addicts. The Vienna State Opera (or any other opera house in a capital city) doesn’t need AN to sell the opening of the season, AN needs the opening of the season to sell herself, and this precisely the reason Roscic gave it to her.

        As to recital concerts, only fans buy tickets to those, which is the reason why only one concert is given as a rule, seldom two concerts in the same large city, and none in small cities. Not enough buyers. Budapest is the capital city. Population in the metropolitan area? Over three millions plus tourists. How many concerts? One. What a great, great, feat is to sell one concert to three millions potential buyers when you are a media product; in Budapest, like everywhere in the civilized world, 1% are rich and 0.1% are stinky rich and not knowing what to do with their money and their time. Adding an irony alert just in case you might be tempted to take that ‘great feat’ literally.

        If I am not mistaken I have already told you this in another post but what’s a groupie to do when confronted with uncomfortable facts? Why, fold up your tent there and move on to the next post where you can regurgitate the same stuff.

    • JJ says:

      @sherman This blog seems to be full of online warriors puffing themselves and their virtue up when they are sure they won’t be called to support their lofty statements with affirmative action and the content of their wallet. Such a pity that being sure of something isn’t the same as reality. As Potpourri wrote, AN is scheduled for a recital in Budapest, but you had no idea of this, and no intention to part with the content of you wallet. Online multiple identities obviously don’t translate into one real identity sitting on its butt in the seat of an opera house…

  • Kathleen E King says:

    Let’s switch that quote to she’s a pestilence at a fest! Ukraine SLAVA!

  • Dmw says:

    Tribal warfare in Eurasia is as strong as it has ever been, sad.

    • Friedrich Alleswisser says:

      You seem to forget that Americans riot , burn , loot …for “social justice “. Have yoy seen the cities ravaged by the BLM/Antifa “protesters ” ?

  • Bozidar Sicel says:

    I wonder all the time, does all those Netrebko’s detractors have any sense of morality. This western hysteria about Netrebko is nothing but the shame on one society in deep crisis of basic values and lost ways.
    How sad and how pathetic at the same time.
    Brava, brava, brava Ana Netrebko!!!

  • Raymond J Houser says:

    This is just another example of the petty and whiney response Ukraine makes to anything Russian or realistic comments on negotiations for peace. Now that they have no success on the battlefield, they have turned to terrorism, whether it be bombing individuals, artillery attacks on civilian targets, or spreading banned “petal” mines in civilian areas. The Ukrainian and Russian governments are both a curse to their citizens. It’s all very sad.

    • Hayne says:

      You are right about having peace negotiations to stop the frightful slaughter of Ukrainians by their leadership.
      This could have ended early if not for Boris Johnson flying to Kiev and stopping negotiations last April.
      Can the readers of SD at least agree for peace?
      This will stop the slaughter and get rid of the sanctions which are debilitating Europe.

    • chico says:

      So much bullshit! Ideology before facts. THAT is sad. Ukraine’s army is angelic compared to Putin’s crimes.

  • Galina says:

    Since when Ukrainian diplomats are put in charge of deciding who sings where?

    • JJ says:

      Huh? Nobody put her in charge of singers, and she’s not deciding who sings where. As a consul-general she was tasked with voicing her government’s opinion. You are expressing your opinion too, but perhaps freedom of thought and expression is an alien concept to you? Or perhaps you consider freedom of expression as being reserved just for private anonymous person as yourself, but not for diplomats?

  • Peter Tal says:

    Agree 100%. A German famous conductor who was supporterof Hitler and conducted many Wagner opera for him, at the end of WWII, was banned from conducting. Putin’s lackey and supporters should play and sing only for him, or in N. KOREA and China.

  • Scott says:

    These remarks….”is she worse than whoever?” That is a typical Putin/Trump right wing comeback. The fact is that Netrebko loves Putin and has been very open ablit it. As a singer, Netrebko has always been over rated. Her husband is a lousy tenor. It’s sad that this concert took place.

  • J. Yaeger says:

    This woman passes as a diplomat? Ha….
    There’s more talent in Netrebko’s toe nails than this woman can even dream of (See her vulgarity for starters.)

  • chico says:

    This is absolutely going too far! Anna Netrebko is first an artist, and long long after that a russian citizen, which she cannot alter. She has stated her position well, and to attack her as a tool of Putin is ridiculous! I totally support Ukraine in the fight against Putin and his tools, but leave Anna Netrebko alone! She is a wonderful person apart from being a great singer! – Slava Ukrainii!

    • JJ says:

      I used to think that the only thing that could surprise me from AN fans is a coherent, educated comment. Your comment didn’t help change my mind.

      First, no, she has _not_ stated her position well. Her very first statement that we all recall, published on social media, was calling her critics ‘human shit.’ That came from herself. The other statements, in perfect English, were the work of her agent and worded very carefully to suggest vague disagreement with the situation in Ukraine. Not a word about _who_ is responsible about the situation.

      ‘… a russian citizen, which she cannot alter.’

      You err. Not only can she renounce her Russian citizenship, she should have done so when she took Austrian citizenship sixteen years ago. This is a requirement of Austrian law for regular applicants, you want Austrian citizenship, you have to renounce your other citizenship if your application is successful. You also have to pass a language test. AN did neither, and indeed to this day she can’t speak German. This anomaly was made possible with the support of a certain influential person I will not name. The person’s political sympathies are right wing.

      No, AN isn’t first and foremost an artist. Let’s not cheapen the word, not every person employed or self-employed in arts is an artist. AN is first and foremost an opportunist with strong political connections to unsavory persons, connections that allow her to circumvent the law when it suits her. Second, she is a vulgar, irascible person who calls her critics names. Third, long long after the first two, she used to be an opera singer who now exposes all the deficiencies in her voice and technique by clinging to unsuitable roles.

  • Cyril Ignatius Kendrick says:

    Why give these mindless and vicious attacks on Anna Netrebko such time and space? I don’t see persistent attacks on Ukraine’s musical artists for their regime’s killing in the Donbass and persecution of Russian ethnics for years. Nor do I want to. But it’s an obvious double standard. Leave the musical artists alone and keep politics out of the concert halls. I’d swear people are itching for a war. Don’t encourage this.