Just in: Pollini’s heart won’t let him fly

Just in: Pollini’s heart won’t let him fly


norman lebrecht

September 16, 2022

The Italian pianist Maurizio Pollini, 80, has pulled out of a US tour on doctors orders.

Carnegie Hall today announced that pianist Maurizio Pollini must regrettably cancel his solo recital in Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage scheduled for Sunday, October 16. Mr. Pollini is very disappointed that, due to medical reasons, he is required to cancel his upcoming U.S. tour.

Pollini suffered acute heart problems this summer at Salzburg, cancelling a recital with the audience already seated.

His Carnegie Hall replacement will be a debutant, the young Japanese pianist Mao Fujita.


  • Joel Kemelhor says:

    Sincere best wishes for Mr. Pollini.

    His 1960 recording (with Kletzki) of the Chopin 1st concerto remains a joy to hear. Then on to Stravinsky and Prokofiev.

  • Sophia TB says:

    This info is confusing. If Mao Fujita is Pollini’s replacement, is he going to play on an original date which is Oct. 16? According to the Carnegie website, Mao’s recital is in Jan next year.

    • Harlan says:

      Carnegie Hall is allowing holders of tickets to Pollini’s now-cancelled October 16th recital to either:

      1) keep the tickets, which will be honored at Fujita’s January 25th recital, or

      2) return the Pollini tickets for a refund, provided they do so by October 31st.

      Ticket holders have already received an automated telephone message with the above information, as well as an email.

  • Debussy says:

    Mao Fujita will make a triumph, I am sure !

  • Doc Martin says:

    Mr Pollini needs to rest completely and avoid stress and follow the advice of his GP. In my opinion he should really retire from the concert hall. Travel and flying in 2022 is now no longer enjoyable even for those younger than 80. Brendel has already retired and taken up other pursuits.

    • G.G says:

      He is a real fan of Mitropoulos. I’m affraid only lost of piano skills would retire him.

    • Anthony Sayer says:

      Flying is awful these days, even if it’s First or Business. The romance and convenience fled many years ago. Stay at home and get well, even if you’re an old lefty.

  • amazonian says:

    May I ask what’s the trouble with being an old leftie?