How not to be a Järvi

How not to be a Järvi


norman lebrecht

September 25, 2022

Paavo’s younger brother Krystjan Järvi, who turned 50 this year, has given up the music director rat-race to form his own orchestra and try out some new moves in the performer-audience conversation. His father sounded keen in a previous interview. Now Krystian tells all in a new episode of Zsolt Bognar’s Living the Classical Life.

Zsolt calls it ‘a distinctly different musical path’.

Krystjan says: ‘Before I give you anything, I want to see what I can get.’

See what you think.


  • Jutta I. says:

    Actually what he says – critically – is that this is the Western approach to relationships

  • Jobim75 says:

    Contrary to Paavo , who seems a bit money driven in his career choices, even if he’s an excellent technician and whose concerts are very prédictible in their constricted perfection, Kristjan is much more adventurous and takes artistic risks, with taking the chance of lacking coherence. Beyond the sister I know nothing about, too bad there is not a 4 th kid who would get a bit of Paavo and a zest of Krystjan…..

  • Max says:

    Played enough under him to say: never again. Ever.
    Only one word: torture.

  • Gustavo says:

    He seems to have entered the comfort zone of life.

  • Ionut says:

    Kristjan has an awesome artistical mind and on top of it, he’s an incredible person. Best of luck in all his musical journeys. And to his critics: learn to live.

  • Tamino says:

    one of the more talented of the bullshitters, up there with Igor Levit. But it‘s all so… empty. Try to comprehend what he says, reflect on what he says… you end up with a lot of hot air. I‘m glad for him he has family, that gives him some actual meaning.