Get a free EU flag at the Last Night of the Proms

Get a free EU flag at the Last Night of the Proms


norman lebrecht

September 07, 2022

They’re back!

The BBC will do their best to suppress them.


  • Iain says:

    Trying to sell them wasn’t a success then?

    • Old Holborn says:

      Fake news my friend:
      They have always been free to the punters.
      Nice try though! Now, let’s try and find those brexit benefits you keep promising…..

      • Iain says:

        Humour not your strong point?

        How about: manual workers with mortgages and families no longer having their wages depressed due to competition from very low wage economies? But manual workers are not a big consideration on this site, are they?

        How about those scare stories that remainers have been promising?

        • Old Holborn says:

          The last time I checked, most musicians use their hands so qualify as ‘manual’ workers, right?
          All manual workers are currently having their wages depressed and businesses crushed by a post brexit 20% devaluation in the Pound, massively increased export/import costs and 12 years of Tory mismanagement and corruption. Result!!?
          Keep inhabiting the imaginary sunny uplands you dwell in: it’ll hopefully keep you warm this winter.

          • Dave says:

            Well put. Those who talk about wages rising are happy to ignore the rising cost of living that is wiping out any increase – apart from those awarded to themselves by the tories and their cronies.

        • Violinista says:

          So ‘manual workers are not a big consideration on this site.’ Are musicians not manual workers?

  • Mike says:

    It is reported that visits by UK music groups, big and small, to Europe are down 45% on pre-Brexit levels, thanks to the incompetence (and bare-faced philistinism?…..) of our Government, which has chosen not to access easier transport, and other, arrangements for artists once offered by the EU. This has had devastating consequences for everyone, from individual UK musicians to orchestras. Not everyone has the prestige and financial ‘muscle’ to overcome the barriers now in place, and the world of European music is the poorer because of this political short-sightedness.

  • Tony Sanderson says:

    Both Sir Keir Starmer and Liz Truss say they want to make BREXIT work.

    Germany hasn’t exactly shown us the way in being so dependent on Russian gas.

    • Gustavo says:

      The question is why does Ukraine want to become a EU member in the first place?

      Better wait and see if the “United” Kingdom will manage to make BREXIT a success.

      Until then wave your Union Jacks, the Ukranian colours, or whatsoever!

      • Wesley says:

        The only countries wanting to join the EU are those that expect to be net recipients of EU cash. The Ukraine has a better claim than others, given that the EU in general, and Germany in particular, has (arguably) been funding Putin’s war…Reparations, maybe?

        There are plenty of good reasons why former Warsaw Pact/USSR members would want to join the EU – very few, if any of those reasons apply to the UK. So I don’t think the success or failure of Brexit is of any interest to those east of the Danube, to be honest.

        And as someone who supports Brexit let me say this: I wish the EU every success, and hope the Ukraine and other current candidate states can be incorporated successfully, for their and the EU’s benefit. As for flags at the Proms – people should be able to wave whatever they wish.

  • soavemusica says:

    The Union is not for Europe, or any nation in Europe. It stands for the Union.

    They are big fans of democracy, of course, and especially referendums. In fact, Brussels loves referendums so much, that it demands encores, if need be…

    Name one crisis the Union has solved, and not made worse?

    The Unelected are happy to dictate to you what to think. How about an ode to the Union flag?

  • Player says:

    They appear to have arranged a Rejoin march on Saturday in London, presumably to ensure they have some volunteers in town for that, to hand out the flags?


    Now that the Last Night has been cancelled out of respect for Her Majesty the Queen, not only will the UK-hating EU flag wavers miss their chance to score cheap political points at a prominent public event, but they will also have to put up with several weeks of proud Union Jack displays across the nation as we remember our late sovereign.
    BTW, those of us who are proud of the Union Jack are not all EU haters. We’re happy being out of the EU but want to live in friendship and cultural harmony with our European cousins…!