French conductor gets second string

French conductor gets second string


norman lebrecht

September 17, 2022

Debora Waldman, music director of the Orchestre national Avignon-Provence, has been given an extra bato.

Starting now, she is also Associate Conductor of the Dijon Opera.


  • amazonian says:

    Bravo for Debora Waldman.
    The maestra has lived and worked in France for some time, but she’s not French.
    She was born in São Paulo, Brazil, raised in Israel and made her musical studies in Argentina.
    She holds a dual citizenship: Brazilian and Israeli.
    And she’s the first woman to lead a French National Orchestra.

  • Julien says:

    Actually, she also acquired french nationality.

    • amazonian says:

      Is it possible to be a citizen of more than two countries at the same time? Or did she have to drop one of her two previous nationalities?
      I stand corrected, anyway. The source I followed might be not up to date, I guess. Thanks.