New arts policy for Liz Truss

New arts policy for Liz Truss


norman lebrecht

August 02, 2022


  • Miko says:

    40 minutes? Is that following DCMS excision of Ode to Joy for displaying anti brexit sentiments?

    If brexit benefits = 2B, and time (years waiting) = Y, then according to Reese Mogg 2B multiplied by 50Y = @0.

    They won, we all lost.
    Noone should “get over it”.

    • David Dreebin says:

      I have given the thumbs up as agree with your last two lines! Your second paragraph is a bit abstruse but I think I agree too 😉

      • miko says:

        “The financial benefits of brexit could take 50 years to manifest themselves” (Jacob Rees Mogg, current “Minister for Brexit Oportunities”, as interviewed on Sky News, with a straight face, 2018).

  • Pastore says:

    Obviously, 80 minutes.

  • Sol L Siegel says:

    Some context for we Yanks, please. Precisely where does this horrid joke come from?

  • DouglasM says:

    As I recall, this was part of a worksheet created by a teacher in Nottingham, the title of the sheet being “DIRECT AND INVERSE PROPORTION” and the assignment to classify the scenarios into 3 categories:
    • Direct Proportion
    • Inverse proportion
    • a trick example where proportion would not be appropriate.

    • Paul Dawson says:

      Thanks. That makes great sense. It reminds me of the survey question “Should Arabic numerals be taught in US schools?” 56% of the respondents answered “No”, clearly ignorant of what Arabic numerals are.

    • Peter San Diego says:

      Thank goodness: it’s a relief to presume the teacher was witty, not witless — unlike the 56% of respondents to the survey Mr Dawson cites. I wonder what percentage of the Nottingham students identified the trick question properly?

    • Peter says:

      It makes sense as a test of absurd thinking. We often assume that things are linear, which makes the maths simpler, and we get confused by not spotting when they are not linear.

      Not long ago my daughter told me of a school maths question, along the lines of “if it takes 2 days for a painter to apply 2 coats of paint to paint 4 rooms, how long does it take to apply 3 coats of paint to 8 rooms”. And of course one has to apply a combination of arithetic and common sense.

      There is the well-known trick question “if it takes 2 people 2 hours to dig 2 holes, how long does it take 3 people to dig half a hole ?” The answer being 20 minutes, except that they get in each other’s way, and what is half a hole anyway ?

      And i suggested she ask her teacher “if it takes 30 minutes for 4 people to play a string quartet, how long does it take 1 person to play a trio ?”

  • Freewheeler says:

    Does P include the conductor, who doesn’t actually make any noise? And are rests included or excluded in T?

  • tuttonelmondoeburla says:

    “If P is the number of players and T is the time…” – then it’s a PT that some people take it all too seriously – quite obvious!