Martha shines again in Jerusalem

Martha shines again in Jerusalem


norman lebrecht

August 02, 2022

The programme has just been released for next month’s Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival, under the artistic direction of Elena Bashkirova.

The star turn will be Martha Argerich, playing lots of chamber music including 4-hand piano with Israel Phil chief Lahav Shani.

Get in there while tickets last.

Full programme here.


  • Anton Bruckner says:

    As Lahav Shani is also involved in the festival, it is striking to see how varied and innovative is this festival’s program whereas next year’s Israel Philarmonic’s repertoire is again dull hard core mainstream at its most extreme. Last year there was some minor improvement but we’re now back at the old days – other than some ridiculous lip service, it is again light classics focusing on Beethoven, Brahms etc. Even Per Gynt is a key feature in one of the main concerts of the season… Why bother subscribe to the IPO with such a program? Why does Lahav Shani think the IPO will survive if it sticks to such repertoire? There are indeed some big names next season. However, this cannot be in lieu of imaginative and challenging programming. Moreover, there are no Israeli conductors (other than Shani) which is also shameful. Unless all this quicky changes, the IPO will lose its already rather dwindling relevance notwithstanding Shani’s charisma.

  • Gerry Feinsteen says:

    Some conductors should stick to piano.

  • Zvi says:

    She will also open the IPO’s season with Prokofiev 3rd.

    • Joel Kemelhor says:

      On the turntable, I still play the Argerich / Abbado original DG vinyl of the Prokofiev 3rd and Ravel G-major. Both performance and medium hold up well.

  • Henry williams says:

    Looks a very good chamber music festival.