Biz news: Agency replaces bickering Eyvazov

Biz news: Agency replaces bickering Eyvazov


norman lebrecht

August 04, 2022

Centre Stage Management of Berlin has got over yesterday’s loss of the contentious Azeri tenor Yusif Eyvazov, husband of its former client Anna Netrebko.

The agency, owned by Universal Music, has signed the fast rising US-Chilean tenor Jonathan Tetelman, who was the longterm partner of the Latvian soprano Kristine Opolais.

He says: ‘I am overwhelmed with excitement to begin this next chapter of my career.’

Tetelman, 34, will be looked after by the agency’s MD, Judith Neuhoff. He has a debut album out on DG next month. He’s set to go.


  • Hubert says:

    A classic way to accelerate a career in classical music. Romance or marriage to someone who already has a position in the industry. Opolais is only nine years older than our young star in spe, nothing next to the 13-year difference between Borodina and Abdrazakov (of course, Ildar once he gained position divorced Olga and now has a pretty and young wife). Of course, it works the other way too. Kurzak, after dating the director of Warsaw’s National Opera (28 years her senior), hit the lottery ticket with Alagna – only 14 years older than her.
    And all that sopranos married to conductors?
    Tetelmann is a talented singer so why – before I ever heard him sing – I knew he was in a relationship with Opolais? it was all over the opera blogs and forums. After all, romances can be pursued discreetly, opera singers are known only to opera fans, papparazzi do not run after them. So if everyone knew it was because everyone was supposed to know.
    But – amore amore amore…. they sing about it all the time, aren’t they…
    Give me some decent rock before I throw up, sex, drugs and rock and roll, at least they are more sincere

  • Larry L. Lash says:

    Good for him! He was by far the best thing in the bizarre Martin Kušej “Tosca” at Theater an der Wien, in his Wien debut in January.

    Seems quite the opposite of Eyvazov: he’s got a voice, knows how to use it, has stage presence, and can act!

  • Bloom says:

    Sorry, he is from the species “good-looking tenors who know how to bark/howl” . (Eyvazov, an unsympathetic character, I agree, has grown a lot as a singer in the last few years. He has become quite a decent tenor .)

  • Ernest says:

    He has the better voice and stage presence. He will go far!

  • IP says:

    It must be very exciting to open a newspaper and see it describe you as “tenor Eyvazov”.

  • Erika Collins says:

    Jonathan Tetelmann has a 6 months old daughter Ciara with his partner.
    See his Instagram ‘happy fathersday’ / Photos. There is also a comment of Kristina Opolais saying ‘adorable’

  • Dietrich Loos says:

    I became curious , when I heard (and saw!) him first by mere coincidence in a Tosca from Vienna in a production I wanted to watch. The production was bizarre. He was superb!
    Then I came across him in a Berlin production of “ Francesca da Rimini“ – and became addicted.
    In my opinion he is THE tenor of the next 10 – 20 years

  • Jim Utz says:

    Tetelman is fantastic.