Bayreuth’s Wotan is injured in opening-night stage accident

Bayreuth’s Wotan is injured in opening-night stage accident


norman lebrecht

August 02, 2022

The Polish bass-baritone Tomasz Konieczny, singing Wotan in the opening night of Walküre in Bayreuth, was injured so badly by a piece of stage furniture that he was unable to return for the third act.

Michael Kupfer-Radecky jumped in for the finale.

Konieczny, 50, was hurt when the back of an armchair fell off when he collapsed into it.

He sang on to the end of the act but was in great pain and could not continue. A festival spokesman came out before the curtain to announce the change ahead of the third act.


  • Tim says:

    Definitely an unsafe condition! A very unfortunate event that may have long term effects, as many work related injuries do.

  • Bostin'Symph says:

    My very best wishes to Tomasz Konieczny for a speedy recovery and no long-term damage.

  • JR says:

    Will the armchair cover take on further performances?

    • in bocca al lupo says:

      What a vacuous comment by an individual more concerned with getting in a ‘witty’ quip than thinking of the performer. Tomasz is an outstanding singer and wishing him well for a speedy recovery.

  • Jack Firestone says:

    Such a shame. He sounded fabulous.

  • Will Simpson says:

    According to the Bavarian Radio website, Tomasz Konieczny is expected to appear in ‘Siegfried’ tomorrow despite yesterday’s mishap.

  • Joel Kemelhor says:

    I am glad he is recovering. Richard Wagner did not anticipate Wotan collapsing into an armchair.

  • Maria says:

    When will these guys learn, and be more careful with props, furniture and scenery. Many of these stage accidents could well be avoided with some care and attention.