Bayreuth blow: Siegfried quits Götterdämmerung

Bayreuth blow: Siegfried quits Götterdämmerung


norman lebrecht

August 05, 2022

The US tenor Stephen Gould, who was due to sing Siegfried at tonight’s premiere of the new “Götterdämmerung”, has pulled out with hours to go.

‘To his greatest regret, Stephen Gould has to cancel his participation as Siegfried in today’s premiere of “Götterdämmerung” due to illness,’ says the statement.

Clay Hilley, his fellow-American, will jump in.


  • Barty says:

    Should be an improvement, Hilley sang the recent Rings at the Deutsche Oper Berlin to great acclaim, i thought that it might be a stretch for Gould to sing this as well as Tristan

  • Stephen R Gould says:

    Probably a win for the audience. (I am unrelated to him.)

  • Maria says:

    Wish Stephen better. A lot of illness around between summner colds, covid and dreadful hayfever, and making people feel quite ill, and worse for singers.

  • Richard Zimdars says:

    Clay Hilley is a musician whose skills include a solid foundation as a pianist, trained in the studio of Martha Thomas at the University of Georgia.

  • Frank Flambeau says:

    Clay Hilley is very talented.

  • steve orlowski says:

    Listening to it now on YouTube. Hilley is awesome.