Teodor Currentzis: Democracy means a lot to me

Teodor Currentzis: Democracy means a lot to me


norman lebrecht

July 27, 2022

The Greek-Russian conductor, whose Putin-backed MusicAeterna ensemble, plays a leading role in this summer’s Salzburg Festival, has refusd to answer questions about his links with the regime or his views on its Ukraine invasion.

The most he is prepared to say, in a soft Ioan Holender TV interview is ‘Democracy: This word means a lot to me.’

And this: ‘It means that every person can decide for themselves. And I have to accept and respect this decision. Only if we think like this can we move forward and improve the future. If we don’t accept each other’s ideas , we fall into a trap and end up in another system. And we know this system very well from the past.’

The Great Sphinx at Giza could not put it better.


  • Tamino says:

    No Theodor, this is not what the word democracy means. You are describing anarchy. You probably mean the right to free speech (and thought).

    Democracy means, that a certain group of people, the ‘demos’, have the political power. In today’s western democracies, the demos is synonymous with the whole adult population. (even though that’s arguable, how much equal political power each citizen actually has)
    Nobody can decide for themselves. All are bound to obey the law, which is made by majority decisions.

    Like, if you like to be sponsored by a bank that is part of a regime, that engages in an illegal war of aggression, then you are free to do so, but you will feel the consequences of the lawful democracies.

    That these democracies are full of hypocritical shit is another issue, and I think you should have better addressed those.

  • peter says:

    catastrophic statement.

  • IP says:

    Helps pay the bills.

  • Tiredofitall says:

    Mr. Currentzis is confusing a democracy with a free-for-all.

    It would be sad if it weren’t dangerous.

  • So what? says:

    Fake musician, Fake conductor, sob sob, do we care what crap Correntzis spouts or coming out with more lies to whitewash his and collective Russian guilt for the murders and rapes in Ukraine.
    This guilt will not wash out in 60 years.

    He profited from the system.
    He doesn’t actually give a flying f..ck about democracy, least of all in Perm.

    All he cares about is his money, his PR hyped career, his ego tripping, and managing the crazy cult of pseudo cultured sleazy, perfumed, Russian cows that worship this nutcase.

    “All it takes for Tyranny to Triumph is good people to do nothing”.
    I have (RU) family members I despise for exactly the same reasons.
    Now we are not even talking about “good people” here, just mediocre cretins…

    To quote one of the best bow specialists around (from guess where eh?)..
    “now it’s a floating giant shithouse with a crew of crazy cannibals and mad captain who drives it who knows where!”

  • Johnny says:

    Norman can you provide actual proof that MusicaAeterna is backed by Putin?
    Otherwise stop spreading misinformation

  • MMcGrath says:

    Malarkey and double-speak. By this definition, it is democratic to allow Putin his war as “every person can decide for themselves. And I have to respect that decision…”

  • Simpson says:

    Currentzis and MusiceAeterma performed at the St. Petersburg [International] Economic Forum about a month ago. Mr. Kostin, the head of the VTB bank [sponsor], spoke there and said that after February 24, Mr. Currentzis requested a meeting with him. The head of VTB had already “roughly calculated how much he could save if Theodor left Russia, especially since all the world scenes are waiting for him.” But, continued Mr. Kostin emotionally, “he [Theodore] told me that he is not a traitor and he will stay [in Russia].”