Summer pops from a celebrated French cellist

Summer pops from a celebrated French cellist

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norman lebrecht

July 22, 2022

They are all at it this summer.


  • So what? says:

    Boring! Ennuyeux a fond!
    The brother’s “mediatique” Capucon are the most boring act in town, especially the Renaud guy, with his TV star wife and the constant pushy promotion by that media mogul – charlatan Bernard Arnaud, run radio-classique in Paris.

    If you listen to the nauseating hype from Radio classique about their “live concerts” you would think they are the only people who do live music.

    Luckily there is France-Musique who don’t do a whole song and dance about an everyday occurrence, with quality sound, unlike the horrible mp3, badly produced rubbish from R-C.

    Gautier Capucon is just another “Star turn” from Radio Classsique.

    Fortunately there are far better cellists in France many of whom I could name,- including the beautiful, lovely musical Iseu Chuat, I met in Pont St Esprit.

    • Dan oren says:

      The best classical station in France might well be Accent4, a non profit (associative) radio based in Strasbourg, also on the

      • So what? says:

        The shittiest radio in France is Accent 4.
        They don’t pay their bills.
        The ex-president has a criminal record, and the last one corrupted the Strasbourg Bar association.

        The sound quality has always been the most horrible, confirmed by all the sound engineers trained at PRIMUS without exception.
        “non profit” is a funny old way of never paying for the work of others, then finding lousy excuses.

        I wonder why Daniel O is always talking up this crap-shoot, when you can get France-Musique perfectly well all over Europe, with the most magnificent sound and even on the Internet in higher quality .mp4 including in Alsace.

        As for internet radios, one of the very best is Radio Swiss classic (in German).

        As for “The Capuçons being just performing monkeys”,

        it’s funny – a conversation with Ivry turned to that “Renaud” guy, and he said exactly the same….
        but …”do you LIKE his playing”, was one comment that came out, that afternoon. ha!

    • X.Y. says:

      Don’t forget French cellist Ophélie Gaillard, who unlike Gautier and most other cellists is able to play the first movement of Faurés wonderful second sonata in the fast tempo prescribed by the old composer.

    • CGDA says:

      Anne Gastinel, Alexis Descharmes, Eric-Maria Coutrier, Fabrice Bihan, the soloists in the orchestres nationaux and the EIC and many more.

      The Capuçons are just performing monkeys.

    • CGDA says:

      As always, people who know little about the music industry put a thumbs down.

  • RW2013 says:

    Who is the fabulous conductress?