Russia jails baritone for 10 years over Covid lockdown protest

Russia jails baritone for 10 years over Covid lockdown protest


norman lebrecht

July 20, 2022

A leading baritone in Valery Gergiev’s home province of North Ossetia has been jailed for 10 years over a Covid protest, TASS reports.

Vadim Cheldiyev posted an anti-lockdown video in April 2020 from his home in Vladikavkaz. Around 1,000 came out onto the streets in response to his protest and the singer was arrested.

Report here.

photo: Vasily Deryugin / Kommersant


  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    What has this got to do with Gergiev? Just become from the same place?

    • More gergiev shit. says:

      how stupid can that comment be??

      The guy WORKED in Mariinski theatre as a good singer.

      Gergiev knows him. (probably speaks same languages).
      He did F-all to help him, when he knows perfectly well he could have got this sh..t prison sentence reversed with one 2 min phone call.

      It says all you need to know about that A-hole Gergiev in SPB.

      All he cares about is himself and his crappy real estate in Italy, none of which he can take with him when he pops his clogs.(which I hope is real soon!)

    • More about Russia says:

      For those who know F-all about the Russian constitution, the right to protest and demonstrate is permitted.
      It is specifically allowed, particularly in numbers of more than just one.

      Vadim Cheldiyev did nothing wrong.

      Only a crazy paranoid spook from Mielke & Hohnecker’s Stasi would invent modifications to the Russian constitution to make such legal protests illegal.

      Welcome back DDR11.
      All it takes for tyranny to triumph is for good people to do nothing.