How not to launch a record deal

How not to launch a record deal


norman lebrecht

July 27, 2022

A masterclass from soprano Julie Fuchs.

She probably has to do this because Sony Classical don’t invest in promotion for any artist except one.


  • Henry williams says:

    Very friendly artist.

  • simon says:

    really? twitter’s not so bad. many of the posts here should really belong there, after all.

  • guest says:

    And even with this one, cooperation with Sony Classical hurt rather than helped his career (when he signed with Sony he was already at his peak – artistically and commercially). And if you look at his career at Sony it may have paid off financially but artistically it’s a waste of talent. In fact, Sony runs the publicity machine in full for his crossover albums (but he’s not suited for that, his talent lies elsewhere). But it sells, and with them he pays the label for his personal projects – lieder recordings (recorded live or in his house) and permission to record entire operas with Pappano – and of those only one was recorded by Sony, so….

  • Robert Roy says:

    Anyone familiar with the lovely Ms. Fuchs quirky videos will recognise her style. It certainly wouldn’t prevent me from buying her disc.