Death of a distinguished music theorist, 81

Death of a distinguished music theorist, 81


norman lebrecht

July 11, 2022

Walter Mays, Professor of Music Theory and Composition at Wichita State University, has passed away.

His compositions achieved numerous performances.




  • Mark Wait says:

    A fine composer, dedicated and generous teacher, and wonderful person.

  • simon says:

    what do you know, a theorist who could actually write music?

  • Jeff Bruntzel says:

    I was in his advanced theory classes years ago…. I looked forward to his classes every week. He was a delightful and compelling man. You knew you were in the presence of something special.

  • Bruce Buchanan says:

    I had the great pleasure of performing his saxophone concerto while a student at Eastman and was very honored that he came to the performance! An underappreciated composer for sure.