Cleveland dumps Beethoven 9 for Covid

Cleveland dumps Beethoven 9 for Covid


norman lebrecht

July 28, 2022

The Cleveland Orchestra has scrapped this Sunday’s performance of Beethoven’s ninth symphony after several members of the Blossom Festival Chorus called in with Covid-19.


The orchestra will play the fourth and fifth symphonies instead, conducted by Jahja Ling.



  • MMcGrath says:

    4th + 5th = 9! Cool programming!

  • Paul Dawson says:

    4 + 5 = 9?

  • Bostin'Symph says:

    That’s a shame. Were the substituted works chosen because 4+5=9? 🙂

    Good choices, nonetheless!

  • Shalom Rackovsky says:

    Based on the principle that 4+5=9?

  • Kman says:

    4+5=9, makes sense

  • Jake says:

    What do you expect from an orchestra that prematurely dropped its vaccine checks and mask mandates while BA.5 is still spreading like wildfire?

  • yodi says:

    Other combinations they could’ve played:


    which, come to think of it, I have never seen on any program… nor would want to… except perhaps 3+6…

  • Herr Forkenspoon says:

    I thought it meant dropping the 9th to play Covid. Are they in the same key?

  • Antwerp Smerle says:

    4 + 5 works well. That programme was chosen for an unforgettable concert I attended in London on 4 January 1973. It was part of a week-long season of (winter) Proms at the Royal Albert Hall, entitled ‘Fanfare for Europe’, which celebrated the UK’s entry into what is now the EU. It was also the first appearance at the Proms by the Berlin Philharmonic, and the only appearance there by Herbert von Karajan.

    No similar celebrations were organised for the UK’s ill-considered departure from the EU, but at least we have the prospect of two amazing Proms from Petrenko and the BPO next month.